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Rancho Texas Park, Anyone know the best way of getting there ?

Asked by: 2nd October 2013

We will be staying in Costa Teguise in November and fancy a trip to the Rancho Texas Park.  Anyone know the best way of getting there, ie organised trip or should we hire a car and do it ourselves?  Thanks, Nicola.


12 Answers

  1. Tom Iles on Oct 02, 2013

    By Horse.

  2. Nicola on Oct 02, 2013

    Ha Ha! Believe me, my teenagers would love that, Do you know if the orange buses (can’t remember their name) go there? If not, we will get a car and spend most of the day lost in Arricife (there were roadworks in Feb, that was fun!) I’ve heard the ranch is a good place to visit and we have been everywhere else on the island. Thanks.

  3. Angela M on Oct 02, 2013

    Taxi fares for your info. if there are only 4 or less of you. We went there from Costa teguise in September. Cost 22 euros each way. The taxi rank is just outside by the exit for your return journey so no waiting or having to book, just leave when u r ready. There was a bus going direct to the park cost 4euros but out of main season was just once a day each way from the resort. Also I am not sure if that was each way or total return sorry. We have brought home two leaflets from the local tourist shops and neither of them show a trip there, so think you may have to organise it yourself or at least they may give you advice when you are there. Also just a tip for your actual visit – the price of the photos that you can get there were very reasonable I thought – we paid 5 euros for one with the parrots. You can also have your photo with a huge sea lion which pulls tongues for the photo!

  4. Tom Iles on Oct 02, 2013

    Nicola. Not sure about the orange buses but personally I find car hire is so cheap on the island that it pays to hire one for the whole holiday period. The saving on taxi fares from the airport alone pays for half the cost if you are just staying for a week. A small car can be hired for 80 – 90 euros a week.

  5. Kevin Burton on Oct 02, 2013

    Tom is right. Car hire is very reasonable. I use autoreisen who are incredible. Book on line, no deposit taken. Additional driver free . No hidden extras or deductibles and return car with same amount of petrol. Pick up and drop off at the airport. I have hired a 5 door with air con for 4weeks in November for £260. Road works are still there and will be for the foreseeable future but just drive from CT round the circumvalation past the airport , then take turn off for PDC follow signs for PDC you will come to a large traffic Island and Texas is on the right. Easy drive in 20-25minutes.Have fun.

  6. Angela M on Oct 02, 2013

    Hi Nicola. I think the orange buses you refer to are the Last Minute Travel/Transfer ones. They do the airport transfers and also the sight seeing trips. We were there in Sept and have brought their excursions leaflet back home as well as the other travel company CustomerTravel. Sorry to report that neither of them have that trip in their leaflets. We went to Rancho Texas from Costa Teguise by taxi, so if there are 4 or less in your group , this may be of use to you. The taxi cost 22 euro each way. For the return journey we found out that here is a taxi rank right outside the exit of the park and so didn’t have to wait at all or phone for one. The R.T. park does have its own bus that travels from the various resorts but out of the main season it only goes once a day. It leaves Costa teguise abt 9am to 9.20 depending which end of the resort you are staying, and departs from the park abt 3pm in the afternoon. It says the price is 4 euro but its not clear if that is one way or return price. Just a few tips if you do go, make sure you ask at the reception what time the shows are on. Apart from the parrot show, the wild birds, and the sea lions, there was a cowboy lassoo show which we missed most of. So make sure you know what’s on and what time. Also I thought the prices of the photos were quite reasonable – we paid 5 euros for one. The ones with the huge sea lion looked particularly funny cos on some he pulled tongues at the camera. Hope this helps, have a lovely time.

  7. Nicola on Oct 02, 2013

    Thanks everyone for your replies. It was Last Minute Travel (been racking the old grey matter all day!), we went to Teguise market with them in Feb and they were great. I think we will hire a car as it cost us £25 for two days last time and I fancy cake and coffee in the Arrecife Gran Hotel on the way (it’s only a couple of euros and the view is spectacular). Thanks again and will definitely get photos!

  8. Jill Clash on Oct 15, 2013

    You were lucky to pay 25e for 2 days hire, who did you go with? When my sister came over in July the cheapest in CT was 85e per week, I think it was 40e for 2 days. She is back now and went looking this morning and they have gone up to over 120e per week. We had a residents discount and paid 117e. ps she tried several companies.

  9. Nicola on Oct 17, 2013

    Hi Jill,
    I have just looked on google maps and it was ‘Direct Car’ (green/yellow/white logo) on Avenida el Jabillo. Just spoke to hubby who organised it and he said we got a deal and were upgraded to a class ‘c’ car for the same price as a class ‘a’ as they had no a’s left. Hubby is a bit of a haggler and no doubt squeezed the best price out of them! Hope this helps. Nicola.

  10. Jill Clash on Oct 17, 2013

    Thanks Nicola I’ll make a note of that one. We actually took my mother to Rancho Texas today for her 83rd birthday, had a really enjoyable day, well worth a visit.

  11. william mccaldon on Oct 21, 2013

    booked online in July Cost 100 e for a week air conditioned 5 door Golf!! use a hire car, Free Parking at Rancho. We used Plus Car, FREE second driver and two booster seats for the kids also FREE. As previous comment said just head for Puerto del carmen from Costa Teguise. It is well signposted with brown signs . Great day there . We stayed in Playa Blanca and because of an early vacate and a late flight drove to Rancho for the day then went straight to Airport for flight home. (10 mins from Airport)

  12. LaMafiosa on Oct 25, 2013

    Why not take the official Rancho Texas Park shuttle?
    It’s 4 Euros from CT: