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Raining all next week ?

Asked by: 24th October 2012

Arrive in Lanzarote on Monday the 29th, and according to some weather sources it’s gonna be raining all week, while others say it’s gonna be mostly sunny. Who should I believe?



10 Answers

  1. Kevin Burton on Oct 24, 2012

    What sources ? A whole weeks rain is very very unusual. I believe you will enjoy your holiday as it is currently 28degrees and a mixture of sun and cloud is predicted as usual. Relax , that’s what lanzarote is all about.

  2. wendy mansell on Oct 24, 2012

    Rain can mean you’ll see one or two spots

  3. David myers on Oct 25, 2012

    Wendy that was not the case last week if i believe a lad i work with, he was in CT and he had heavy rain for a day and half, i dont think that was forecast plus i dont see any reason for him to lie

  4. mike leacy on Oct 25, 2012

    it never rains for a week in lanza,you might get a storm for an hour or so and floods the roads for awhile or a few days when you might have a shower,but it soon clears and if the sun comes out it soon dries up but its always warm.playa blanca is the sunniest part of the island but also the most boring.enjoy.

  5. Myles0412 on Oct 25, 2012

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/6297189 according to this it is gonna rain all week.

  6. jude on Oct 28, 2012

    the rain is very localised here too, can literally rain on one side of the road and not the other!! never rains for a while week, our garden would be extactic tho!! lol

  7. david charles hind on Oct 29, 2012

    dave,where did the lad get that from,day and a half of heavy rain,was there last week sitting having breakfast in mel jels,we did have two downpours on dif days for a while but then the sun returned

  8. I love Lanzarote on Oct 29, 2012

    It was raining on Thursday 18th and heavy downpours on and off all day on the Friday as well.

  9. Kevin Burton on Oct 30, 2012

    Forecast for next two days is poor but we have not had any rain today so far. It is cloudy but very humid and warm. Lovely sunshine yesterday and 28degrees