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public transport on the island ?

Asked by: 5th May 2014

How long is the bus transfer from the airport to Costa teguise?  Can you get a bus to charco del palo from Costa teguise? 


2 Answers

  1. Frank on May 06, 2014

    From Airport to CT it’s not far, about 20 mins by car/taxi.

    If you are going by bus transfer it depends on the number of drop off points and whether you are first or last on the schedule.

    There is no direct public transport bus, so you would need to take the bus into Arrecife and then transfer to a bus for CT. Cheap way to go but more bother than it’s worth in my opinion.

    The buses from CT go south to Puerto Del Carmen via Arrecife so there is no direct bus to Charco del Palo. I don’t know if you can get a bus from Arreciffe.

  2. david charles hind on May 12, 2014

    Pre booking return transfer to your hotel in CT costs about £6 pp with Travel Republic.Airport to Ct ,time depends how busy the airport is,if lucky less than an hour.Return from hotel no such problem,a letter is sent to the hotel reception a couple of days before you leave,advising you where to wait and the time.Be 10 mins early my advice.Enjoy wonderful CT.:0)