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Public transport from Costa Teguise to other resorts ?

Asked by: 23rd February 2012

Are there buses that run from Costa Teguise to the other resorts and if so are they frequent and is it a good service?


9 Answers

  1. malcolm pringle on Feb 23, 2012

    There are buses every 15 minutes which run to Arricife and Playa Del Carmen. You do not need to change buses if you are going to Arricife or Playa Del Carmen.
    If you want to go to Playa Blanca you will require to change buses at Arricife bus station . You can get buses to anywhere on the island from Arricife and all the prices are very cheap compared to the UK.


    • joan on Feb 24, 2012

      Thanks Malcolm for your answer, nice to know that you can travel about the island.


  2. gordon on Feb 23, 2012

    yep we get buses from ct to pdc all the time. only 2-65c each. so very cheap and every 20mins

    • joan on Feb 24, 2012

      Thanks Gordon, will take note of the times and fares.


  3. Kevin Burton on Feb 24, 2012

    When you get on the bus ask the driver for a bono -this will cost 12euro but you simply insert it in the machine at the front of the bus and tell the driver where you are going he will press a few buttons and the bono will be returned to you by the machine. If there are two of you just reinsert the card and ask for a further fare ( una mas) and the driver will take a second fare. You will keep the bono and on the back it will show the fares you have paid and the balance left. When you have very little left on your bono just put it in the same and the driver will ask for the balance of the fare. This procedure is very simple and the fares are1/3rd cheaper so you will save quite a bit if you use the bus regularly.

    • joan on Feb 24, 2012

      Thanks Kevin, will make a note of your answer, I am sure it will make travelling round Lanzarote a lot easier to know this.


  4. Debbie Greenwood on Feb 24, 2012

    Thank you so much for the Bono information. I had seen about this but couldn’t quite work out what it was – a but like a London Oyster card I suppose.
    Just as a note for anyone else – the Arrecife bus web site is excellent and has lots of timetables and routes of buses on.

  5. dave love on Feb 25, 2012

    Debbie, can you please let me know what the Arrecife bus website is please

    • Michael on Feb 25, 2012

      the official website for the arrecife’ buses is : www.arrecifebus.es