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Property purchases in costa teguise ?

Asked by: 17th January 2012 ,

we are looking to buy a property in costa teguise later in the year. and are looking for advice from any one who has already gone through the process. we initially would be using the place as a holiday home before settling out here permantly in a few years time. our budget will probably only let us look as apartments

any help gratefully recieved

many thanks



5 Answers

  1. larry connell on Jan 17, 2012

    there are quite a few things you must do before you go ahead, there is lots of information on the estate agents website’s rerdarding how to purchase.
    Remember this, if you find a property and place a deposit, you will lose the money if you pull out for any reason and the owner will have to pay you if he/she pulls out.
    Important is an english speaking lawyer and also set up a non resident bank account this is a must.
    Do your homework as much as possible, good luck and happy hunting.

  2. paul corlett on Jan 17, 2012

    cheers larry thanks for your advice

  3. Kitty on Jan 17, 2012

    Have a look at the online version of the Lanzarote gazette at www.gazettelanzarote.com. There is usually a couple of pages about property purchases which will give you a good idea of how it works. Obviously this is no substitute for a decent lawyer but it should give you a few pointers. Happy hunting.

  4. Mr.c on Jan 22, 2012

    Hi Paul, we bought an apartment in costa teguise in 2007 and dealt with John at Location Estate Agents in Costa Teguise. I have to say this guy is an absolute gent and has been of so much assistance to us during the purchase and for many many things after. John probably knows everything there is to know, has a team of contractors of all sorts and put us in touch with a brilliant lawyer. Its scary buying a property in another country without the right support and for us personally, John made it happen with absolutely no worries whatsoever. He has become what i would call a very great friend and he is now looking for another property for me, in Costa Teguise too – we just cant get enough of the place and may be following you out to live there very soon too!! There is a great book that i read too, ” living in lanzarote” by mike cliffe jones – i read it on a flight back from Lanza in August and have never been so motivated to make the jump. Get in touch with John, www.location-lanzarote.com, tell him andrew and claire said you should call him and you will be so glad you made the call. Very best of luck – there are a lot of people who will help you get to such a wonderful place.

  5. paul corlett on Jan 23, 2012

    many thanks to you all
    its good to hear things from other people
    the more the better
    will take all of your advice on board