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Problem with listening to uk radio on your mobile whilst in Lanzarote?

Asked by: 27th April 2015

Just back from another great week in Lanzarote. The apartment we were staying in did not have wifi, so as my mobile is on 3 network which does not charge extra for data use in Spain thought I would be able to listen to uk radio as normal on my mobile whilst in Lanzarote. However the only channel I could get to stream for any length of time was Talk Sport. BBC Radio Player would not stream at all. Tried a number of radio players but still only Talk Sport would stream for any length of time. Tried with a vpn but still the same result. According to my mobile I was on 3g with a three to four bar signal which would normally allow you to stream radio in the UK, so is there a problem with 3g signal in Playa Blanca? Is there any I phone radio player app which works better in Lanzarote?


1 Answers

  1. Roy Stevenson on May 01, 2015

    Try Tune In Radio available on Android not sure about ios