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Playa Blanca versus Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 25th June 2013 ,

We have stayed in Costa Teguise the last four years. We do like it there (obviously) but are wondering if we should try Playa Blanca for a change, and where to stay. Until May this year, we had always stayed at the Coronas Playa (Thomson gold i.e. all Brits and no children) in September. We stayed at La Galea in May this year. OK, good food, great room (superior), nice pool and surrounds, average entertainment. Handy for all the bars etc., Wouldn’t want to stay there in high summer though. Planning on going back to Lanzarote mid-September again. Thoughts and advice of contributors to Secret Lanzarote would be welcome. Love the live Beach bar webcam!!! 


8 Answers

  1. Michael on Jun 25, 2013

    Playa Blanca, pros ?

    – nice promenade/walks along the coast,
    – beautiful beaches of papagayo are 10 min away by car,
    – only 20 min from corralejo/fuerteventura by boat,
    – close to sightseeings like timanfaya national park, salinas de janubio, and los hervideros
    – nice marina “rubicon”
    – less windy

    cons ?

    – far from the airport & others resorts on the island, around 45 min.

  2. David myers on Jun 25, 2013

    Playa Blanca SIMPLY THE BEST

  3. Tom Iles on Jun 27, 2013

    I can’t believe there are only two replies to this question. The simple answer is that they are both great places to have a holiday. Give Playa Blanca a try and see what you think. I would be interested in seeing how you think the two compare.

  4. Kevin Burton on Jun 27, 2013

    Sorry Tom but I try not to reply to question which require an opinion but as you register surprise I will offer an opinion on this. We have stayed in both resorts and prefer CT because of its atmosphere and large variety of restaurants and bars. we always visit Playa Blanca a couple of times when we are in Lanzarote for the market or to watch the boats in and out of the marina. we also like to eat in Larnis but we always gravitate back to CT. I agree fully with Tom . You should try it yourself but I do happen to know that you have been staying in an adult only British hotel which is very nice indeed . You are far more likely to encounter large numbers of our German brethren in Playa Blanca . I find this quite Interesting but you may not.

  5. Barry Dunne on Jun 27, 2013

    Playa blanca.Cost Teguise or Puerta Del Carmen?

    To tell you the truth,of the three i prefer PDC, More variety regarding bars and restaurants and more people to watch when sitting at the bars. The one fault with PDC is hills,hills and more hills
    Playa Blanca did not really impress me,probably me but i could not get myself to like it.

    Costa Teguise i like but the bloody wind does my head in, does it ever stop? When we stayed there for 2 weeks in early May we had to find sheltered spots on the beach, otherwise it got uncomfortable.

  6. Jackie Wardle on Jun 28, 2013

    Thanks so far, for the various feedback. Trawling through Tripadvisor comments on various places to stay at the moment, both in Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise. We did think of Matagorda, so my husband can enjoy his second favourtie hobby (first being footie) of watching planes land and depart! We went down in May, walked along the front – very nice too – to the airport perimeter. Shame we chose the wrong day, and only one incoming flight and two outgoing! Next time it will be on ‘manic Thursday’! We would go back to the Coronas Playa, but strongly object to AI cost in May being £300 and in September around £600. I know September the most popular time there, but for goodness sake, AI the same available whatever time of year you goI Plus Coronas no longer a 4 start in our opinion. Ah well, will keep pondering and let you know what we decide.

  7. doktorjakob on Jul 09, 2013

    I prefer Playa Blanca. It seems more naturally developed. Despite of the fact that there are many guests/ tourists, it seems not overcrowded. My recommendation is the Princesa Yaiza Hotel. In my opinion the best hotel on the island.
    give it a try: at least PB is equal to CT. You won´t be disappointed.

  8. David myers on Jul 09, 2013

    You have picked the best hotel your spot on