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Playa Blanca Market ?

Asked by: 29th June 2012

Information says the market in Playa blanca is on Calle La Concha  but I can`t find it on the map, where exactly is it?


5 Answers

  1. Jo on Jun 29, 2012

    Hi there Bob, as far as i remember it is down by the marina on the outskirts of town. Go straight through the centre and follow the marina signs and you will easily find it. Enjoy, Jo

  2. Jo on Jun 29, 2012

    Right then, a quick check at last years photos reminded me that the market is at the Marina Rubicon and is well sign posted for this Marina. Good luck and spend, spend, spend!

  3. David myers on Jun 30, 2012

    Jo is correct with her reply just follow the signs for the Rubicon Marina i think its open on Saturday and one day in the week i think this is one of the better markets because its not to big and its in a lovely position

  4. denise on Jul 01, 2012

    Hi, The market is on a wed & sat it’s a lovely market.

  5. Bob on Jul 02, 2012

    Thanks to everyone for the info. Lanzarote information says there are 2 markets one at the marina and one at Calle la Concha, thats why I was getting confused.