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Places to go for a family of 10 ?

Asked by: 4th July 2011

I’v stayed in Lanzarote once before (last year) and this will be my second time but my family haven’t been here before and we are staying in August in Puerto Del Carmen. I want to make sure they have a great holiday and would like to know places they could go, thanks.


2 Answers

  1. Christopher Lewis on Jul 06, 2011

    Hey what sort or age groups are you talking?

    If they are of drinking age then they will be fine, there are plenty of different bars and restaurants to enjoy up and down the strip.

    There are a number of day excursions you can go on such as the Grand Tour, also boat trips to different parts of the island

    You can also partake in some water sports, as well as maybe paying a visit to the Waterpark

    There will be plenty for everyone (Drag show also good)

    Hope this helps


  2. gordon on Jul 06, 2011

    and if there all under the drinking age…… take some buckets and spades