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Papagayo Arena in Playa Blanca, two hotels in playa blanca with same name ?

Asked by: 14th February 2011 ,

I’ve booked a package holiday going to the Papagayo Arena in Playa Blanca.

Trouble is their appear to be 2 ?

One is the Sandos Papagayo Arena and the other the Iberostar Papagayo. Are they one and the same hotel ? I think it may be the latter form the pics I’ve seen on the website.

Can anyone clarify ?




3 Answers

  1. Michael on Feb 14, 2011

    Its 2 different hotels. Papagayo is a common word in Lanzarote, as its also the name of the best beaches in Playa Blanca.

    If you booked *Papagayo Arena* then its 99.99% sure you will be at *Sandos Papagayo Arena* : http://www.sandos.com/en/lanzarote-hotel-sandos-papagayo-arena.html

    The other one you mentioned is *Iberostar Papagayo*, not *Iberostar Papagayo Arena*, see their website : http://www.iberostar.com/EN/Lanzarote-hotels/Iberostar-Papagayo.html

  2. John on Feb 14, 2011

    Thank you Michael for your response

    It does appear that it is the Iberostar Hotel, no doubt you will tell me that it isn’t as good as the Sandos !

  3. jude on Feb 14, 2011

    iberostar are a really good company and that hotel is just next to the arena,same view! and its got lovely decor and service.