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One day in Arrecife ?

Asked by: 25th March 2015

What to do & see there ?


4 Answers

  1. tony rutherford on Mar 25, 2015

    have a look on a saturday the place is buzzing

  2. Tom Iles on Mar 26, 2015

    Unlike some on this site I love Arrecife. You do actually feel like you are in Spain as you wander around. Plenty of shops, bars and restaurants with even a nice beach by the Arrecife Gran Hotel. For a spot of culture walk past the port to the Castillo de San Jose which houses an art gallery with one of the most scenic restaurants on the island below it. On the way back stop for a coffee and brandy at one of the bars around the Charco.

  3. Steve p on Mar 27, 2015

    I agree with you on this Tom I like Affecife too nice shops and bars, restaurants and as you say you feel like your in Spain

  4. Sue on Mar 28, 2015

    If I was in Arrecife for one day I would have a quick look at the new Marina there, eat in one of the small tapas bars just off the main street (Leon y Castillo), travel up to the top floor of the Gran Hotel (lift to the top takes you to a fantastic and very reasonable bar from where you have an excellent view of the whole of Arrecife and can even see Fuertaventura on a nice day). If you arrive at the port (on a cruise liner) then do visit the Castillo de San Jose. If you are not interested in the art, there is a pathway down to the left of the castle which takes you down to a fantastic bar (don’t have to pay admission charge). The bar has a fantastic view around the port and you can have coffee or a drink there. DONT miss going down to the loos there – absolutely amazing view and constructed in true Caesar Manrique style. Plenty of shops in Arrecife if you are so inclined but don’t forget many close for siestas and nothing open Sundays. I agree with the others, Arrecife has a great Spanish feel.