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nearest supermarket to el guarapo and how far to steptoes pub ?

Asked by: 12th March 2011


4 Answers

  1. carole cooper on Mar 12, 2011

    there is a choice of 2 supermarkets, one is back to main road turn left and its 400 yds along or go 20 yards down towards beah and cut across path, again about 400 yards.
    cant remember where steptoes is sorry.

  2. Kath on Mar 12, 2011

    Not sure where your apartments are but if you go on google earth and search for your apartments then the Santa Rosa, Steptoes is in front of the Santa Rosa so you will be able to see how far it is. Hope that helps

  3. jude on Mar 12, 2011

    top of the street ( not the seafront end) turn left,5min walk steptoes and supermarkets.

  4. Sam Roberto on Mar 14, 2011

    I would say the nearest supermarket to Guarapo is out of the complex reception, turn left, walk down and your first opening on the left is a path, walk down the path to the road at the other side, then turn right, walk down and cross over to the other side at the first crossing and round the first corner is the supermarket, you can’t miss it, its open till 10 at night as well, handy for those late flights, alternatively just eat at the bar at guarapo, Antonio (the barman) cooks some fantastic foods, well recomended!