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My wife and I want to live and work in lanza, is there much work about out there?

Asked by: 21st January 2014

We are in aposition to buy a property and are prepared to do any type of work in order to enjoy the way of live in Lanzarote.


3 Answers

  1. david charles hind on Jan 23, 2014


  2. nigel ball on Jan 25, 2014

    Why is it that people have this pipe dream that every thing is going to be the same as being on holiday in Lanzarote when you plan to go and live there?

    Yes, it’s great if you can afford a house , buying it outright or, with a mortgage obtained through continuous, settled work on the island.

    Jobs are hard to come by, many are seasonal and, a lot of the jobs go to the local people.

    If you have a firm commitment of work PRIOR to going over, the job is long term and with decent pay, I wouldn’t think about living in Lanzarote, unless you have sufficient funds to be able to sustain a comfortable living for an unknown period of time until you can get employment.

    The only difference between living on fresh air in Lanzarote and say, London, Manchester or Dublin is the sun!

    • david shipcott on Jan 29, 2014

      Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question re: moving to Lanzarote
      and the availability of work out there. Your reply does appear to be slightly negative. We have spoken with people living out there when we are on holiday and are aware that we would not normally walk straight into employment. We have always been hard working and will continue to work towards our dream. thanks again.
      David & Sonja.