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Music in bars at Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 1st July 2017

Does anyone know why the police have put a stop to the music in and around the square in Costa Teguise.Music here was a tourist attraction for many and will eventually turn the place into a ghost town unless it is re-instated.


2 Answers

  1. Frank Richmond on Jul 04, 2017 Reply

    You may have noted that it has also stopped in a number of the bars. To have live music the bar needs to have a special music license and it seems a number of them haven’t got one as neither has the square.

    I understand licenses have been applied for and the music will return soon. Many of the bars still have music.

  2. David Charles Hind on Jul 07, 2017 Reply

    Correct Frank,the Town Hall is working on getting the music back into the square :0)


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