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Making phone calls ?

Asked by: 1st April 2015

Which is the cheapest way to do this ? mobile, hotel or phone card ?


3 Answers

  1. Frank Richmond on Apr 01, 2015

    Certainly not from your hotel.

    Mobile charges vary so much it depends on what network/tariff you are on. Yes you can buy phone cards which are pretty cheap. Also there are plenty of local public call boxes which are pretty reasonable.

    As long as you keep the calls short it wont bankrupt you but be careful not to run up a huge mobile or hotel bill.

  2. Steve p on Apr 01, 2015

    The best thing is to call your network provider they will give you advice on this.

    I know Vodafone do a thing for overseas you pay £3 a day then you get to use your UK quota of free minutes and texts but you must set this up with Vodafone before you go, and you only get charged the £3 a day on the days you use the phone.

    Hotel phones can cost a lot its the same here if you use hotel phone

  3. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Apr 01, 2015

    Use Line or Whatsapp all you need is a WiFi zone