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Los Zocos club resort Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 6th November 2012 , ,

Has anyone stayed here before ?? it seems to get good reviews on trip advisor.

We are planning to go All Inclusive, does anyone have any tips ??

we were in THB Flora PDC this year and enjoyed that… love lanzarote so will try a different resort.

thanks lee


16 Answers

  1. steve on Nov 06, 2012

    Does going all inclusive really mean that you are trying a different resort – or by resort did you mean hotel?

    If you want any tips – come self catering and truly sample the resort or you may end up like the rest of the wrist band wearing people here at the moment, wondering around complaining about the food and drink being served in the various hotels and are then pleasantly surprised about how cheap it is to eat and drink out!

    However, if sitting in one place for your entire holiday, drinking cheap beer and spirits and eating chips then you may enjoy it.

  2. peter on Nov 06, 2012

    Totally agree wuth Steve, stayed at oasis lanz 2 years ago ,me and the wife ,my 2 daughters and there husbands + 4 grand children self catering. Ate out every night and never had a bad meal,the value and service were excellent.For me all inclusive is an excuse to not have to bother with the kids as they can go and get what they want when they want which is fine if your happy for your kids to exist on chips and tomato sauce. All inclusive for me has killed the spanish beach type holiday by forcing many good bars and restaunts to close,but those that are left are trying really hard to give customers good value for money. Full board on a cruise is fine as the food is fantastic but for a land based holiday give me self catering everytime. The tex mex and the chinese buffets are really good in costa Teguise + all the others we tried whose names I can’t remember.

  3. John on Nov 06, 2012

    Ah, here we go again with the small minded, holier than thou brigade tarring everyone who goes AI with the same brush. Does that mean those people that go SC do not have the funds up front to pay for AI ? Of course not !!! It is a choice. I’ve stated in other posts my reasons for going AI/HB, but silly me, we are all union jack short wearing, beer swilling, overweight slobs who cram down as much food and drink as humanly possible, so why would we want to leave the hotel ?

    Btw I enjoyed eating out at Casa Felix, La Hacienda and El Maestro (wonder how I managed that without leaing the hotel ?)

  4. steve on Nov 06, 2012

    John, if you do in fact go out then you are unfortunately in a minority.The hotels are full but the streets certainly are not – why do you think this is?

    “single minded, holier than thou brigade” -now whos tarring! Fortunately, John i see life on a daily basis here, as do a good many of the contributors on here – we do not however see a snapshot in time as most holidaymakers do. Can you honestly say that the vast majority of AI customers go into the town and eat and drink on a regular basis?Yes there is a percentage but it by no means the majority!

    You have stated that you are a solo traveler and you use AI because of this reason – however whatever board basis you were on would not prevent you from sitting with any other guest at your chosen hotel – regardless of what basis you are staying on,so i did not quite understand your reasoning? You do not need AI to have company!

    AI is a cost driven business and is only benefiting the holiday company and nobody else – if the costs and quality were realistic then a good number of the people using it would revert back to their previous board basis – or simply look for the cheapest place on the planet to holiday.

    AI is not about wanting to come to Lanzarote – it is simply about the cheapest place that you can get a holiday on that board basis – price goes up they will find somewhere else cheaper!

  5. John on Nov 06, 2012


    I come to CT usually twice a year. As I’ve stated on other posts, it is a no brainer as a solo traveller.

    As for your attempt in trying to reverse the tables, check all the negative comments aimed at people who chose AI, now tell me if the same can be said about AI holiday makers making same negative comments about those who choose SC ? As I’ve said most of those negative comments are sterotyping AI holiday makers.

    You say that AI holidaymakers ‘sitting in one place for your entire holiday, drinking cheap beer and spirits and eating chips’ yet you say you see them ‘wondering around’…how is this possible if they never leave the hotel.

    I was in CT in Sept for 9 nights and my personal opinion was that it was reasonably busy. In fact on the odd occassion I had to wait 20+ mins for a table.

    Oh and btw I would still come to Lanza regardless of board basis, just no wat going to pay exorbitant under occupancy supplements for a 1 bed 3* SC apartment. It just so happensd that for no more that £100-£150 more I can go AI 4 star with better facilities (I’ve priced up many holidays so know this to be true.

  6. steve on Nov 06, 2012

    John,read my post before writing a response – i think you will find the word “majority” in there somewhere,with regard to people not leaving the hotel. I do not tar all AI customers with the same brush, i do however come into contact with many holidaymakers on a daily basis and listen to their feedback about what they have encountered.

    Why do you think there is negative feedback about AI?
    Why do you think they are so stereotyped?
    Is it just hearsay or is there some fact to back up the views of other holidaymakers?
    Do you think the island gains from the majority of AI customers?
    Do you think the vast majority would come back here if there was an alternative AI holiday available but cheaper?
    Some people do not even know where abouts the Canary islands are in the world, let alone care about what damage AI does!

  7. John on Nov 06, 2012

    Thanks for such a positive response Steve.

    I did read your post thanks. It was only in response to my post that you retrospectively mentioned ‘majority’ not mentioned in your first ‘anti AI’ rant. ‘end up like the RESTof the wrist band wearing people’. If that isn’t sterotyping I don’t know what is ?
    Your real gripe is with holiday companies, maybe it’s not that AI is too cheap, could be that SC is too expensive ?

    Would you be happy if I stereotyped Lanzarote restaurant proprietors as miserable, self pitying, bitter people ?

    Also Steve, a lot of repeat holiday makers come to Lanzarote because it is a beautiful island not cos of AI. If there was no AI I’d still come to Lanza because I love the place.

    Sad to say though it is negativity like yours that makes me think twice. What a great ambassador you are for the island !

  8. steve on Nov 07, 2012

    John, you are entitled to your opinion, as am i.I have not ranted about anything – that is your perception and you are welcome to it.

    How can i stereotype someone by saying they are wearing wristbands – when they are clearly wearing wristbands?

    For the record i do believe that sc is too expensive but i also think ai is too cheap – the price structure is all wrong.

    I like how you have glossed over some of the questions that i put to you and seem to have taken all of my comments as a jibe at you – it was not.

    I am glad that you would still come to Lanzarote even if there was no ai, unfortunately, the vast majority would not.

    This is subject is not about me and you, it is about what is important to this beautiful island and its long term survival and to the people that truly love Lanzarote and dont just come here because its cheap

  9. lee edge on Nov 07, 2012

    so actually no decent answer….

    we have two boys 13 and 16 and chose to go AI as it gives them a bit more freedom to make friends and have their independence. we are not tied to meal times and they can wonder around in relative safety.

    we still eat out often and go to the beach so cant really be classed as stereotype AI ers ??

    so you can all stop bickering now ?? 🙂 x

    • dave love on Nov 07, 2012

      well said Lee. this topic goes on and on, and this has not been the first time either on here. I do enjoy going self catering as we do like our freedom, but the world is bad enough as it is now, so we should not be dictated to but have a choice of what we do, where we go, how we enjoy ourselves. how we spend our money etc. so as Lee says enough is enough

  10. Karen on Nov 07, 2012

    Have stayed in Los Zocos on many occasions and have always had a great time staff very good rooms comfy, always go S/C but have eaten in the restaurants IMO the food is not to the high standard that it was about 10 years ago but having spoken to AI people they all seem to think its great. Hope this helps.

  11. Gracie on Nov 07, 2012

    My friend is just back from Los Zocos AI and ate out most nights as the food was terrible.

  12. david charles hind on Nov 08, 2012

    Went AI once,escaped after 3 days of food hell,i have never been recaptured lol

  13. bawbag on Nov 09, 2012

    lee i hope you and your familly have a great time,in the hotel, and enjoy your self’s if you eat in or out,this thread is a disgrace!,Lee asked for some advice about the hotel,not a debate on the pro’s and con’s of AI.
    Are the staff nice,rooms clean,pool wet etc. what’s so hard.If nothing constructive to say,please stay at home

  14. steve on Nov 09, 2012

    Ah Bawbag – just read your comments from a thread about scotch and wry? Maybe i should try to be as constructive as you! 😉

    • bawbag on Nov 09, 2012

      lol,like to stir the brown stuff”’well spotted,