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looking for good car hire, are we better to book before or when we are their ?

Asked by: 3rd August 2011


20 Answers

  1. David myers on Aug 04, 2011

    Best deals are done before you arrive, last august i was on a 3week holiday in lanzarote and i could nt get a car without paying over the odds yet i could still find deals on line, but this problem is mainly in the summer hols but have a look on line and save money

  2. shreka on Aug 04, 2011

    I found that its best to hire one when you’re there. They offer better deals face to face as they want to clear the compounds. There are lots of companies to choose from, some offering free tanks of fuel if you take their insurance while others will give you a driver at a little extra cost and a drink for the driver.

  3. Eric on Aug 04, 2011

    I think if you’re flying in it’s best to book beforehand. I always use Autoreisen, never had a problem. The desk is in the arrivals hall so one of your party can get the bags while another collects the car keys and the car will be waiting in the car park opposite

  4. David myers on Aug 04, 2011

    shreka last year face to face cost me £180 for 1 weeks hire this year booked on the internet 2 weeks hire £150 including a special exchange they give you nothing over there

  5. shreka on Aug 04, 2011

    Mr Myers, Last year I found that I paid 65 euros over the top. This year in april I went back to the same company and got a newer car for the cheaper price as I was able to haggle with them. I got a great deal, full tank of fuel which I didnt have to re-imburse and a free driving CD. I am going back in two weeks and I will choose to hire again face to face. Maybe its your face that puts them off. I find that if you are pleasant then you get a lot further. I paid 125 for 12 days hire and will do the same again this time. you have got to know where to look.

  6. David myers on Aug 04, 2011

    Well shreka if you pail 65 euro over the top last year more fool you for going back this year maybe your face convinced them they could rip you of last year

  7. David myers on Aug 04, 2011

    shreka what happens when they say over the counter they have no cars available which happened last august in all the car hire shops

  8. shreka on Aug 04, 2011

    Well last year I didnt know, but have learnt now. The trouble is, its weirdos like you David Myers who have lost the ability to communicate with your self expression and vocal skills and choose the keyboard instead. You may as well stay at home and go on a virtual holiday. It seems you are suited to that. This is a forum to help folk with any queries they have. I am only giving what I have found.

  9. shreka on Aug 04, 2011

    Well like i previously said “you have got to know where to look” for the availability and deals.

  10. David myers on Aug 04, 2011

    shreka still not answered my question what do you do when they say we have no cars plus you seem to like pushing the the keys when insulting people does that make you a weirdo

  11. shreka on Aug 04, 2011

    If one says no vehicles for hire then I go to the next, But most of these folk are family businesses so I would ask them to source a vehicle between themselves. I always ‘treat’ them when they deliver, which is what happened last year. Thats why I got the free CD, locals like it when you are friendly and will do lots to help you. Somebody will ALWAYS have some wheels somewhere. When you go in Tescos and they have no ready cooked chickens do you simply give up? No you go to the next nearest until you get your dinner.

  12. David myers on Aug 04, 2011

    Went to them all no one had any cars, they told me all the hire shops get together in the spring and decide how many cars they think they will need to meet demand last year they admitted they got it wrong and they can do again so it can pays to have a look at pre booking, and i also love the locals they are very friendly and helpful wish everyone was the same Mr shreka

  13. shreka on Aug 04, 2011

    Listen Mr Myers, if I see you there in a couple of weeks I will buy you a beer and we can have some bonding!! lol

  14. David myers on Aug 04, 2011

    Shreka you pay for the flights and i will buy the beers

  15. john allen on Aug 04, 2011

    And Dave if you meet him,he’ll be wearing size 11 high heels.

  16. shreka on Aug 04, 2011

    looooooooooooooooool john pmsl haha

  17. David myers on Aug 04, 2011

    You can go instead of me John you got me worried

  18. Kitty on Aug 05, 2011

    Just had 3 weeks in July – Autoreisen €230 – booked online about 6-8 weeks ago. I too have had problems in the past with no available cars when arriving late. Ended up with a minibus once!! That was fun.

  19. Karen on Aug 05, 2011

    Autoresien – does exactly what it says on the tin !!!!! – free kids seats and free 2nd driver – plus no upfront costs for fuel also no out of hours fees for late/early collections/returns – a winner in my books and never use anyone else – and no i don’t work for them !!!!!

  20. David myers on Aug 06, 2011

    Kittty like you i used Autoreisen earlier this year they are very good, nice to hear someone else confirm they could nt find a car as i suffered this last August