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Looking for a luggage storage room to put our suitcases ?

Asked by: 27th April 2016

We need somewhere to leave our suitcases, as we leave our apartment at 11am and our flight is not untill 9.30pm, sent email to airport asking but no reply. it will have to be a secure place not someones apartment, not being funny but thieves and druges go on holiday too. we are staying in port a del carmon but any town will do, we can take the cases by taxi dump the them and pick them up on the way to the airport. Whould be greatful for any help, as we are to old to be draging cases around all day.

Thank you Kath and Dave


9 Answers

  1. Mrs G Landers on Apr 28, 2016

    Does the apartment complex you are staying in not have somewhere you can store luggage. Unless it’s a private rental most complexes do

    • Kath and Dave on Apr 29, 2016

      Forgive my manners, but I thought I had replied to you but it is not showing up on the site.
      As you can see we think we have solved the problem.
      Thank You.
      Kath and Dave.

  2. Steve p on Apr 28, 2016

    Most apartment complexes have a luggage storage room, the airport will not store them because of the security risk

    • Kath and Dave on Apr 28, 2016

      Thanks for taking the time to reply, It is all private rentals. The only store rooms that I have seen are the pump room and the gardeners storage room. normally we get an early flight back, but in August they are later flights back to Manchester. Last night we managed to charge to a bit earlier flight that’s just been put on, but at the cost of £100 so if all come to all we can cope with that.
      The company that runs the airport do say that at some, but not Lanzarote, have a secure storage room and all cases are scanned. they charge £10 and £20 per case depending on the time you leave your it there.
      Thank You
      Kath and Dave

  3. LSL on Apr 28, 2016

    There’s a company that does exactly this and will be able to help, Luggage Storage Lanzarote. Have a look at the Facebook page or website www.easyhire365.com

    • Kath and Dave on Apr 29, 2016

      Thank you so much, I thought it was strange that a holiday island had no secure case storage facilities. problem solved. Thank you so much.
      Kath and Dave.

      • LSL on Apr 29, 2016

        Glad to be of assistance. If it helps you can book the luggage storage now with no deposit required and I can put it in the diary. The contact details are on the website.

        Enjoy your weekend.

  4. nigel ball on Apr 28, 2016

    If you are prepared to pay a taxi fare to drop the cases off anywhere on the island, why not just pay for an extra day in the apartment or complex.
    I can’t believe that you can’t store the luggage in the complex for six hours.

    • Kath and Dave on Apr 29, 2016

      Thank you for replying.
      They are all privet apartments there is no reception just a gardener who comes and goes.
      People are coming in the apartment after us and the cleaners have to go in in between us leaving and them arriving, we have been to this apartment four times before and I know of nowhere to leave cases. leaving cases with other people is out of the question, I can get in to a suitcase with just a ball point pen and you would never know it had been tampered with. Its just unfortunate that the flights at that time of year don’t match up with our times, later on in the year it works out fine for us. We have a friend over there but because its a Thursday we are leaving they are working away, they rang last night and said they would try to sort something out for us
      Thank You
      Kath and Dave.