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Live Music in CT or PDC ?

Asked by: 26th December 2012 ,


12 Answers

  1. dave love on Dec 26, 2012

    Leslie, sorry but can you please be a bit more open about your question, such as exactly what you would like to know????

    • Leslie Miller on Dec 26, 2012

      Sorry Dave, I’m sure I added more details in the comments box when I posted the question !! 🙁

      Coming out on the 3rd of Jan on my own for a weeks relaxation, staying in C.T.
      Have been coming out regulary to the island since the mid 80’s. Over the years I’ve seen so many venues come & go, I dont have time to search them out so I’m hoping for recommendations to make the most of my stay.

      I prefer a more rock – pop based live sound to Solo singers with backing tracks.

      Hope this clears that up ?

  2. Marian Walker on Dec 26, 2012

    La Vida in Costa Teguise is good for live music also the place is a wee bit more up market.

    • Leslie Miller on Dec 26, 2012

      Thanks Marian, where abouts is La Vida located ?

  3. david charles hind on Dec 26, 2012

    La Vida,check it out on facebook

    • Leslie Miller on Dec 27, 2012

      Thanks and have done that Dave. I see its behind where The Clockhouse is/was, my favorite bar for many years.
      Are Joan & Roger still about ??

  4. H stewart on Dec 26, 2012

    Red lion has live music most nights so does the lighthouse

  5. miles on Dec 29, 2012

    There used to be a band called Question playing a great variety of rock and pop numbers at the American Indian Cafe in PDC, they are not too loud and entrance is free as long as you buy a drink!

  6. Marian Walker on Dec 30, 2012

    La Vida is opposite the entrance to the Teguise Playa. Enjoy your holiday.

    • Leslie Miller on Jan 03, 2013

      That’s handy Marian, I’m staying there and spotted it on my way in earlier 🙂

  7. Leslie Miller on Dec 30, 2012

    Thanks all…. Better start packing 🙂