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Last Minute transfers from airport ?

Asked by: 7th February 2011

We don’t want to use our travel agency bus, waiting for 40 other people with their luggage, passing different hotels on the way to our apartment in CT etc.

So, we decided to book Last Minute transfer, recommended on Lanzarote forums by many persons. They offer 3 types of transfer: shared (here I know, we may wait other people, from other flight, in airport), direct and exclusive.

And I don’t know what a difference really between direct and exclusive is. If it is DIRECT, and doesn’t include any waiting in airport, and goes directly to my apartment… It sounds ‘exclusive’ in fact, as long as they don’t have any other tourists from my flight, to my acommodation? Do you know anything about their offers, and this difference?

I wrote them e-mail, but didn’t get answer.


9 Answers

  1. Rachael on Feb 07, 2011

    Have you thought about getting a taxi. It’s only about 25 euros to CT and there’s always loads outside arrivals.

  2. Millwall Steve on Feb 07, 2011

    Agreed, you will wait no longer than 10 minutes for a taxri, dont be put off by the queue, it goes down very quickly

  3. dave love on Feb 07, 2011

    try canal travel. we have used them about 5 seperate occassions, you can pre book before you go and they will be waiting for you when you arrive. you can book them for a single journey or return. you dont need to make any payment untill you arrive in Lanzarote. search for there site and then just book.

  4. Lincoln Nick on Feb 08, 2011

    We have used Last Minute transfer and we ended up the only couple on a 54 seat coach, biggest taxi ever

  5. Lesley on Feb 09, 2011

    Taxi when you arrive is best, costs less than 20 euros, allthought it is more on a Sunday!

  6. Ali on Feb 09, 2011

    Well, I think to book Last Minute transfer exclusive, for 20 euro – they wait us in the hall, and we have their bus for ourselves only… so, it will be like taxi probably (or 2 euro more?), but not any waiting for taxi, what is important in our case…
    Thanks for advices!

  7. Jules CJ on Feb 10, 2011

    You can prebook your own taxi with the Lanzarote Taxi service, its 17 – 22 euros depending upon the time of day or bank holiday and 24 – 27 to prebook in advance.

  8. Kerry U on Feb 14, 2011

    We have used lastminute-transfer twice and can only speak from experience – I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. In 2010 it cost us 40 euros for a return minibus for 6 of us. This was not a shared minibus, just for us.

    The driver was waiting at the airport with a name board, he put all of our luggage in the minibus and when we got to our accommodation he took all of our luggage to our apartment door (including a flight of stairs).

    Another plus – the driver didn’t act like he was practicing for the Spanish Grand Prix – much to the delight of my elderly parents!

  9. larry connell on Feb 14, 2011

    If you have been to Lanza before, then you will know from experience, that taxi,s are hard to come by when travelling back to the airport.
    My advice is book with a reliable source that will pick you up from the airport and arrange a pick up time on the return journey.
    Costa Tequise is murder for taxi,s on changover day.