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Lanzarote is now officially reducing the number of tourist visiting each year ?

Asked by: 17th July 2015

British press reports they are going to reduce the amount of tourist and all inclusive hotels on all the canaries


12 Answers

  1. Steve p on Jul 17, 2015

    I was told by someone about 3 years ago that they wanted to reduce the all inclusive hotels so that tourists would go out and spend in the local bars and restaurant’s,

    as for reducing the number of tourists crazy business struggles now I can see many locals out of work as so many relies on tourism for a living

    • chris on Jul 17, 2015

      Well Steve the report said 14 million visitors went to the canaries last year 4 million were british he went on to say this was turning the islands in to a place for cheap alcohol and that they proposed to reduce the number of all inclusive hotels so that local bars and restaurants can prosper .

      • Tom Iles on Jul 17, 2015

        Chris. This is exactly what Steve said. I can’t believe that they want to reduce the number of tourists as the island depends on them. Why vastly increase the size of the airport if they want to reduce the number of visitors?

    • Susan on Aug 03, 2015

      I adore Costa Teguise and have been visiting the Island for last 15years and love it.
      I don’t drink or smoke so not everyone comes for the cheap prices. I have seen Costa Teguise very quiet and a bit busier last year.
      Returning again in October so I will judge then how busy the Island is.

  2. David myers on Jul 17, 2015

    For people who want a A.I. holiday they will just go elsewhere
    The ones that go self catering lots of them as stated on this site will call at the big super markets after leaving the airport stock up on food cheap drinks and cigs and never visit any of the local bars and restaurants but if that is what they like no one should tell them what to do
    Just wondering if they will apply the same idea in Spain which for me is no different than the Canaries

  3. Chris on Jul 17, 2015

    We spend about 6 weeks each year for the last 12 years but have noticed a change in Costa teguise it is attracting more large groups and is beginning to attract more younger people have never experienced any trouble there but the article seemed to suggest the environment was suffering and they did not want as many visitors on all inclusive packages .

  4. Fred on Jul 18, 2015

    To continue to see comments about our lovely island linked to the provision of cheap cigarettes and alcohol makes me want to weep. I know many people visit just for this purpose but, to me, they give the place a bad name.

  5. Peter Lammas on Jul 18, 2015

    I already thought something was going on before I found out about the article, if you look at the price of flights, they have been getting higher and higher whilst other destinations have been getting cheaper, you can now fly to Dubai sometimes cheaper than Lanzarote,this is the airlines controlling the tourist destination and tourism economy, more or less dictating where people go.
    I really do think we need to keep the charm and safety of Lanzarote secure ,we don’t want it to become another Tenerife, we don’t need the large groups, as someone has mentioned above such as the typical stag and hen parties on the island.

  6. David myers on Jul 19, 2015

    Would reducing the amounts of tourist stop the large groups and stag and hen parties
    It could mean families and couples would lose out
    Also I agree the flights have increased in price but its been going on for a long time now not just recently
    Less tourist means less customers for the locals and its very quiet at times as it is can only make it worse

  7. Karen on Jul 27, 2015

    Well we try to go to Lanzarote 3 times a year. This Christmas & New Year the price of both package holidays and flight only have shot through the roof. Package holidays are asking over £200 each extra for 10 nights from Christmas Eve than what we paid last year.
    Flight only is also as expensive costing over £300 each for the return flight for the weekend after New Year. Its scandalous.
    We love it in Costa Teguise but the holiday/flight companies are pricing the Island out of most people’s range.
    It makes me wonder if the situation in Greece and Tunisia has anything to do with bumping up prices for those destinations which offer all year round sun hoidays

  8. David myers on Jul 27, 2015

    Dead right with what you say Karen but holiday makers can go elsewhere but what about all the people who own property on the island and visit regular they have to pay up or they cant visit there place
    So it does seem like they have everyone by the short and curlys
    Its all about money and GREED as usual

  9. Megan O D on Aug 07, 2015

    I completely agree with the number of all inclusive hotels being shortened. It is not fair for the local business and beautiful reasturants around the island. I have been coming to Costa Teguise for over 10 years and never stay all inclusive for this reason. The island is beautiful and the people are too. I do not go for the ‘cheapness’ of the holiday I go for the location and feeling I have when I am there. We used to stay in a hotel we absolutely loved where we made live long friends with the then bar man now manager! But unfortunately they went all inclusive and we did care to stay there… I understand some people with young kids feel this is an easier option (I have a toddler myself) But I can completely see where they are coming from wanting to reduce this.