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Wondering how busy the island is at the moment ?

Asked by: 30th October 2012


4 Answers

  1. Kevin Burton on Oct 30, 2012

    Pretty quiet, a few families here for half term but restaurants and bars are quiet. Walked through CT last night at 10o’clock and it was like a ghost town.

  2. jude on Oct 30, 2012

    always quiet at half term due the extortionate prices of flights and holidays during this time!! its been like this for as long as we have been here! total rip off by the tour operators, it will pick up as soon and the holidays are over! the same thing happens in february too !

  3. Gary Smith on Oct 31, 2012

    good news as we wouldn’t want it to be like a ghost town when we land on Thursday.s 😉 Cheers guy

  4. David myers on Nov 04, 2012

    Jude you have hit the nail on the head the tour operators should be ashamed of themselves for the prices they charge and they have 12 mths to make money in the Canaries unlike other destinations its just greed