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Just wondering if the sunbeds are back in Costa Teguise yet?

Asked by: 4th August 2014


16 Answers

  1. Michael on Aug 04, 2014

    As you can see on the live webcam here, they are not back yet.

    • Nicola on Aug 04, 2014

      Thanks Michael, had the same situation in Puerto del Carmen last year, love the beach but find it uncomfortable lying on the sand. Shame the local councils can’t sort this out as it must be impacting on the local businesses as people will stay by the pool.

  2. Steve p on Aug 04, 2014

    hope fully there never come back

  3. Kevin Burton on Aug 04, 2014

    Who cares.

  4. Jo on Aug 04, 2014

    Hi Nicola, no, we were there last week and no sun beds. But….some of the more enterprising bars are offering the good old deck chair for a full days hire for 4 euros along the Cucharas beach section!

    Oh i do love to be beside the seaside, but no kiss me quick hats i am afraid. Enjoy.

  5. Nicola on Aug 05, 2014

    Thanks for a sensible reply Jo. It would seem some so called Lanzarote experts have nothing better to do then ‘troll’ all day? – Maybe if I need to find a ‘quality’ bar that does crap lager for a euro they’ll have the answer! Which I don’t.

  6. cyril schofield on Aug 05, 2014

    What a small minded group answer the sunbed question every time it is asked.There are people like myself who like to go on the beach but being well into my 70s with asbestosis and waiting for two new knees lying on a towel is out of the question. Come out of your small world and realise many people need a sunbed and umbrella if they are to spend time on the beach. No need to overfill it with beds but enough for those who need them.

  7. Tom Iles on Aug 06, 2014

    Cyril, I agree that there have been some unhelpful remarks regarding this question. I think the general opinion is that there should be sun beds on the beach but in reduced numbers than before. The people who don’t want sun beds have to face reality that Costa Teguise is not on some remote Caribbean island but is a tourist resort that depends on tourists to survive.

  8. Wendy Middleton on Aug 06, 2014

    Like Cyril, I too ‘need’ a sunbed and definitely a parasol.

    My husband prefers to lie on a towel on the sand, however if I did that, I would need help to get up and….. I can’t lie in the sun for ages either.

    Sometimes the sand is so hot that it burns your feet, especially on Playa Bastian, so I couldn’t imagine lying on just a towel there. A sunbed and shade is definitely called for.

    Maybe they could have sunbeds in reduced numbers, as Tom suggested. Families with little children need to keep them in the shade too and I would hate to see lots of wind-breaks / small tent things all over the beach like on some beaches here in the UK.

    You’ll never please everyone though will you?

  9. mike on Aug 06, 2014

    me and my wife have been coming to costa tequise for years and personally we think the beach does look so much better without them….. however I do agree with the fact that there should be a ‘small’ number of the sunbeds for those who do actually need them.
    we will be on that beach 3 week tomorrow. happy holidays everyone 🙂

  10. Sally on Aug 12, 2014

    Looks like the sunbeds are back.

    • Tom Iles on Aug 12, 2014

      Well spotted Sally. Mind you, it looks like they are still in the nest and haven’t tried to reach the sea yet.

  11. Tom Iles on Aug 13, 2014

    The sun beds have landed

  12. Sally on Aug 13, 2014

    Again it looks like they are now out on the beach.

  13. Wendy Middleton on Aug 13, 2014

    There looks to be quite a lot of them at this end of the beach. Are there any on Playa Bastian yet?

  14. Mrs G Landers on Aug 13, 2014

    There back