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Just saw a big dead shark at beach Costa Teguise. Many sharks in Lanzarote ?

Asked by: 31st January 2011

I am thinking about snorkeling this week, but after what I saw at beach Los Charcos… I should be worried about sharks in Lanzarote ?



5 Answers

  1. Andrew mcgoldrick on Jan 31, 2011

    yes james i had both my legs ripped off there these days i just bum around enjoy your snorkeling pal ps i hope i havent put you off

  2. john mullin on Jan 31, 2011

    It probably choked on someone, poor thing. Most shark do not bother you in costa teguise but some times they forget where they are from and you could get a nip or two,but dont let me put you off either

  3. davey brid on Feb 01, 2011

    Hi James,
    You got more chance of meeting a shark in one of the electric/camera shops,
    You will be safe,
    Ive saw a few baby sharks in puerto del carmen swimming in the old harbour
    but nothing bigger than 18 inches, Dont be put off,Enjoy yourself
    Davey brid

  4. Nico Safari on Feb 03, 2011

    The only sharks we see during diving is the Angel Shark.

  5. davey brid on Feb 13, 2011

    In the past ten days both a shark and dolphin have been washed up dead along the coast of Lanzarote.
    The shark was found on Playa de Los Charcos in Costa Teguise on the 31st January. The shark was identified from the bluntnose sixgill family or albafara in Spanish, it was approximately 3 metres in length. A large wound was visible on it’s back, there’s speculation if this was inflicted by another animal or possibly by human intervention as the fin was missing. This type of shark is normally found in deepwater up to 2,000 metres and not normally something that would be seen off the beaches in Lanzarote.

    This morning a dolphin was found on the black beach of Playa Quemada. The dolphin was about 2.2 metres in length, a post mortem examination by the biologists from the Whale Museum will be performed to try and establish the cause of death.
    Just a bit more info,