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Is there music in the bandstand in costa now ?

Asked by: 9th July 2011


7 Answers

  1. Peter Lammas on Jul 09, 2011

    sometimes but there is usually some one on in irish bar below most nights

  2. steve on Jul 09, 2011

    The Irish bar is no longer allowed to have live music on.

  3. Peter Lammas on Jul 10, 2011

    since when?? it was on in December 2010

  4. steve on Jul 10, 2011

    It was stopped a short while ago due to politics

  5. Fisher on Jul 11, 2011

    Is this to do with a certain bar owner around the corner complaining about taking away trade?

    • luke on Jul 11, 2011

      the man who has the 5 restaurants around the sq.????

  6. jude on Jul 11, 2011

    its due to not having a music licence,the bars that have live muic have to pay every year for their licence to the local council so they are understandably not happy if bars have music without paying. but there is music on the bandstand supplied by the council ( funny that!) most nights from 7pm till 10pm ish.