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is there anywhere you can learn kiteing or para gliding on the island ?

Asked by: 7th February 2011

i have seen people para gliding and kiteing near farmara up on the mountains


3 Answers

  1. dunja on Feb 07, 2011

    oh yes

  2. dunja on Feb 07, 2011

    Hi, ask Bernd he stay for a half year in Lanzarote to fly paragliding and kiting. The problem to learn ist that this areas are difficult for beginners 🙁
    I start my holiday on 12.2. – 26.2.2011 i fly with my husband in the Risco it was beautiful.


    sorry but my english ist not the best

  3. Michael on Feb 08, 2011

    There are some kiteboarding schools at Famara, you just have to go into the village and ask at any surfshops there.