4 Answers

is there an aldi supermarket in lanzarote ?

Asked by: 10th April 2011


4 Answers

  1. jude on Apr 10, 2011

    no aldi but there is a lidl,next door to ikea just off the duel carriageway heading out of costa teguise towards arrecife.

  2. sylvia anderson on Apr 11, 2011

    also there is a Netto in PDC

  3. ken Fitzsimons on Apr 11, 2011

    Best shopping I reckon is Deiland C.C. near the airport. Where the locals shop.. Netto is a dear place.

  4. jude on Apr 11, 2011

    i dont think there are any nettos left here now,certainly none in costa teguise,hiperdino bought them out,not sure about pdc but i think its the same there ? lidl is cheap but gets really busy,they ran out of trolleys the other day and i get annoyed when they start cleaning and buffing the floors when the shop is full of customers ? can they not clean when the shop shuts? anyway lots of bargains to be had so happy shopping,take your own bags tho they charge for theirs!