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Is there a tour from costa teguise that take’s in the cesar manrique foundation?

Asked by: 9th September 2012

Going to be in CT for a week commencing October 29th and been told checking out this is a must.


9 Answers

  1. paul on Sep 09, 2012

    Have been before and it is a stunning place, but we did it independently by car, but did see coaches there, maybe a taxi might be cheaper as entrance fee is 8 euro and tour operators might charge anything up to 20 euro’s

  2. david charles hind on Sep 09, 2012

    search lanzarote tourist guide,then search guided tours,you will find the CENTRE TOUR 30 euros regards dave

  3. may on Sep 09, 2012

    Yes there is, I have been on it twice over the years. It also calls in the cactus garden. I am afraid I cant remember if it was one of the usual tours through the hotel rep or one of the leafleted tours. (you find the leaflets around the resort or handed to you). Whicever it is it was a very interesting and informative tour.

  4. david charles hind on Sep 09, 2012

    I agree with paul,a taxi may be a good idea

  5. Sue on Sep 09, 2012

    You can get there really easily on the bus from Costa Teguise (the stop at Playa Bastian) and it will only cost you €1.30 each way, so long as you don’t mind a few minutes walk from the bus stop to the place. It only takes around 10 minutes on the bus but they don’t run that frequently so make sure you check out the timetable (see link below). You can also pick up a timetable in the Tourist Information Office. It’s definitely worth a visit


  6. Myles0412 on Sep 09, 2012

    Thanks guys, think the bus and taxi options both sound like a good idea, can’t wait to get there, it’ll be my first time in lanzarote but think the island looks amazing.

  7. paul on Sep 10, 2012

    Myles, i think you will become hooked once you visit, like me and many others have been, roll on Thursday

  8. JANE 'O' on Sep 10, 2012

    Yes, get the little bus at Playa Bastain (it starts from there to Famara) and the foundation is only 5 mins up the hill. Dont know exactly where the bus stops in Tahiche , but where ever it is you will only have a few mins walk to the foundation, its situated on the west side of the big new roundabout. If you say Cesar Manrique when you get on the driver will know.
    I dont think a taxi from Playa Bastain should be much more than €5.

  9. JANE 'O' on Sep 10, 2012

    PS; the bus number is 33 this link will give you a good idea – hopefully.