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Is there a supermarket in Playa blanca ?

Asked by: 5th June 2011


6 Answers

  1. Craig Hitchcock on Jun 06, 2011

    Depends on what you mean by supermarkets, if you expect a Morrison’s or a Tesco’s size supermarket you will be disappointed. There are supermarkets which are adequate for what you need.

  2. DR on Jun 06, 2011

    Thanks for reply mate.

  3. jude on Jun 06, 2011

    there is a fairly decent size hyperdino sells everything just behind the main shopping street,loys of other little ones but bit more expensive.

  4. Sue on Jun 09, 2011

    We thought hyderdino was a really good supermarket – loads fresh veg and fruit with a wide choice of everything. Better than some of our smaller supermarkets!

  5. Darren on Jun 10, 2011

    There are a few supermarkets in PB. The main one is called Hiperdino which is quite big and there is also a Spar and Netto.

  6. Darren on Jun 15, 2011

    LOL I love this site!!! How can anyone NOT agree with my last answer??
    I go to PB every year and shop in all 3 supermarkets i mentioned!!! Crazy!!!!