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Is there a hospital in Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 21st February 2015

where is the best one on the island ?


6 Answers

  1. david charles hind on Feb 21, 2015

    No !! ask your question about hospitals in lanzarote on google for full information if you need one !!!

  2. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Feb 21, 2015

    Brad, the closest hospital is in Arrecife.

  3. Ronald J. Gans on Feb 21, 2015

    if you need to go to the hospital, always go to the state hospital near Arrecife.
    NEVER to a Clinic. they will charge you for everything.
    in the state hospital you need your EHIC-card or a insurance for your holiday.
    a few years ago it worked perfectly for me, never got a bill.
    everything was paid by the insurancecompany.

  4. Michael on Feb 21, 2015

    There is one private “Hospiten” close to Lanzarote Golf.

    Find it here : Lomo Gordo s/n, Puerto del Carmen.

    Phone: +34 928 59 61 00

  5. Stephen Andrew Mallon on Feb 21, 2015

    Fair play Michael answered like a gent

  6. Kevin Burton on Feb 23, 2015

    The health centre used to be next to the police station in CT but has now moved above the euro spa on the main road into CT. This should be your first port of call. When I had a problem, they referred me to the hospital on St bartolome. The treatment was all free and excellent with very little waiting.Just take your EHIC card and passport. You will have to pay a fee if they give you a prescription but ,other than that, It is all free.