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is there a bus from the airport to costa teguise ?

Asked by: 23rd August 2013 ,

or is it a cab for 25 euros?

following bobs question.


7 Answers

  1. Frank on Aug 23, 2013

    I think you need to change in Arriciffe.

    More bother than it’s worth, jump a taxi.

  2. Shirley Bartlett on Aug 23, 2013

    Last month a taxi from airport to CT for 3 of us cost 18 Euros plus tip. Walked straight out of the airport and into a taxi no problem.

  3. ian on Aug 23, 2013

    thanks guys. a taxi it is

  4. david charles hind on Aug 24, 2013

    I use travel republic ,book online,less than 10 euro pp return to hotel in CT,£5.03 last may,what you save,have couple of good meals.

  5. Frank on Aug 24, 2013

    David I know that you are a Galeon man like me.

    On our last visit we had arrived at the Appartment, checked in, unpacked, changed, been out to the supermarket for essentials (milk, water etc.) and when we were on our way out for our evening meal when the coach was just arriving.

    For a few Euro more a taxi was well worth it. But you pays your money and makes your choice as they say.

  6. david charles hind on Aug 24, 2013

    As a lone traveller frank,the extra cost for a taxi €35 to save maybe up to an hour is not cost effective.It only saves time on the journey from the airport.I would rather use that to have a good meal and a drink and a chat with a smiling Erika.Looking forward to 11 days end of november,Return flights and chosen seats with meal £176 from newcastle.Also i am paying less(with sea view)at the galeon than i did in B&B rainy uk 40 years ago.Its great to be a pensioner with time to plan my life.Hope to see you in the galeon one day,will buy you a beer frank.regards dave :0)

  7. david charles hind on Aug 24, 2013

    ps frank there are more than 1 coach from the airport,mine is the one you missed when you were changing lol