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Is the Playa Beatriz hotel and spa in Matagorda a good choice?

Asked by: 10th May 2013 ,

My apologies I seem to have made an error in typing what I would like to know. After reading reviews I am wondering if this hotel is as good as I first thought. Anyone know? We arrive next Thursday. Our first time in Lanzarote.


28 Answers

  1. David myers on May 11, 2013

    in the past I have spoken to people who were staying in the Beatriz and they said they would not return the main problem was the food
    also when we past there last year all the plants on the balconies were dead just looked like a lack of water (not what you expect)
    hope its all improved for you but on the plus side the area your staying is really nice hope you like planes

  2. nigel ball on May 11, 2013

    Yes. It is a very good hotel, mainly populated by the Spanish and Irish. It’s true in the past, food wasn’t the best, however that has been improved upon hugely.

    The facilities are really good, in a lovely residential area, right on top of the beach. There are some great restaurants in the Comercio Central shopping centre 2 minutes away.

    You are very lucky, this is a great area to holiday in.

    The planes come in it seems, right over head, however, the noise is not a problem and the fascination of being so close to them overcomes any noise issues. If you come out of the exit gate by the pool and turn right , walk along the beach for 2.5 minutes and you will be right over the runway, the planes come in over your head. When they taxi on the runway to take off, the blast from the engines is awesome.

  3. david charles hind on May 11, 2013

    Thanks Nigel warning me never ever go to Matagorda,sounds like hell to me. :0(

  4. Mags Macdonald on May 11, 2013

    Thank you David and Nigel. We are looking forward to our holiday very much. Its exciting to be going somewhere new. And the plane noise probably wont be an issue. It will also be very nice to be away from the cold and the rain in Scotland.

  5. EJPM on May 13, 2013

    Stayed there a long time ago (back in the mid-90’s) and it was very good. If I remember correctly, they had a dress code for evening dinner – no shorts allowed. The walk down to where the airplanes land over your head is a must. Matagorda itself seems to be very quiet so we go to CT now. Haven’t stayed in Matagorda since 2007. It is very close to PDC though which is busier although May seems to be a quiet time in Lanzarote in general. Regardless, you will still enjoy.

  6. Mags Macdonald on May 13, 2013

    Thank you EJPM

  7. David myers on May 14, 2013

    Don’t get your comment DCH I have been all over the island and I find Matagorda far nicer than CT by a long way, its got a lovely modern front not sure what part your calling hell ?

  8. Bill Rose on May 14, 2013

    I have to agree with David Myers, The beach is superior to CT, and the choice of Bars/Restaurants along the front and in the Matagorda centre are quite good.
    Still, each to his own I guess

  9. Tom Iles on May 14, 2013

    David, if I may reply on behalf of DCH. I think the clue is in the following statement “The planes come in it seems, right over head”. Like you, I have been all over the island and of the three main tourist areas I think CT is by far the nicest. Twenty years ago it would have been Playa Blanca but a nice fishing village has been turned into a low rise Benidorm. Shame.

  10. David myers on May 14, 2013

    Actually Tom the planes come in over the sea and don’t cause any problems you only have to look at how many people turn up just to watch the planes land.
    Just wondering how you get there Tom (boat)
    6 weeks ago while in CT it was like a ghost town sorry to tell you not in the same league as PB
    are you saying the growth in CT is an improvement, you can say all the resorts are not what they were 20yrs ago

  11. Tom Iles on May 14, 2013

    David. I was only repeating what Nigel Ball stated. Of course I fly in by plane but it doesn’t mean I want to spend my holiday underneath the flight path. The difference between CT and PB is that CT is a purpose built holiday resort and Playa Blanca was a delightful fishing village. All the infrastructure at CT was put in over 30 years ago and it was always designed to grow to make use of the installed road and sewer system. Playa Blanca has just spread out in a random fashion and huge hotels built at the whim of the local mayor. I personally prefer peace and quiet to kiss me quick hats but everyone to their own

  12. David myers on May 14, 2013

    Well I now know why you go to CT the bars stay open a lot later than PB and there is a better chance of seeing a kiss me quick hat there I hope they have one that fits you
    Flight path over the sea how can you stay underneath (holiday on a boat )

  13. david charles hind on May 15, 2013

    I hate noise,being near a flight path is not my idea of a stress free holiday,i am sure Matagorda is a great place to be for a lot of people,i love lanzarote and looking forward to thurs.

  14. David myers on May 15, 2013

    When you are there Dave just go and have a look it may not be the hell your expecting you may even enjoy it ( have a good one )

  15. Wendy Middleton on May 15, 2013

    DCH – are you going Thursday 16th? Weather is looking a bit grim on that webcam – hope its warmer than it looks.

  16. david charles hind on May 15, 2013

    yes wendy,be in the galeon before 5pm,need some warmth lol,looking forward for a beer later with Erika

  17. david charles hind on May 15, 2013

    ps don’t worry about the weather wendy on the webcam,it will be great,i am always lucky with the weather,Sun shines on the righteous lol

  18. Kitty on May 18, 2013

    Hi DCH, I think you should take David Myers advice and go take a trip to the airport beach. It is fascinating to see the planes so close. I’m not particularly a beach person (sand everywhere) but the airport beach is stunning – hardly ever anybody there and the sea has a lovely sandy bottom, no rocks. Park up in Matagorda and there is a walkway all the way to Playa Honda. Have some lunch and stroll back. A great way to spend a day.

  19. David myers on May 19, 2013

    Good advice Kitty but I think your wasting your time most CT tourist are to set in there ways.
    There could be a shortage of bars in Matagorda

  20. Tom Iles on May 20, 2013

    David. I assume your last comment was aimed at me as I didn’t rise to your bait previously. Just for the record, I have been going to Lanzarote for 35 years, owned a property there for 30 years, lived there for 4 years and now go there 3 times a year. I may not have the highly coveted “Lanzatote Expert” symbol after my name but I think I am entitled to my opinion.

  21. David myers on May 20, 2013

    Tom if I had aimed my comment at you as state I would have put your name in my reply theirs not only you on this site

  22. Mags Macdonald on Jun 01, 2013

    I have returned from my first trip to Lanzarote. The weather was rubbish, the wind was horrendous, it was very very cold at night and I ended up with a bad head cold, Matagorda is a nice place, but not for us, there isnt anything there. We went to Playa Honda…nice enough place, beautiful empty beach. We went to Puerto Del Carmen, more lively lots to see and do, beautiful empty beach. We went to Calero, gorgeous! We went to Playa Blanca, beautiful place.We went to Famara…not much to see or do. We went to fire mountain…great day out, fascinating.

    However,the Playa beatriz Hotel, was faultless. Good food, staff were great. Rooms well kept. No sunshine in balcony at anytime of the day though.

    Airport noise…was not a problem. Good tosee the planes come into land.

    Our first visit to Lanzarote wasnt that good. I doubt we will return there. We will stick to the holiday places where we know we will get good weather.


  23. David myers on Jun 02, 2013

    Mags nice to hear an honest reply it just goes to show (prove) you can not sunbath all year round like certain people say you can, you book your hols and take your chances like anywhere else
    Hope the sun shines on your next holiday

  24. Paul D on Jun 02, 2013

    Blimey , , ,

    Talk about a frank exchange of opinions ! I think i may have paid money to watch the same opinions being exchanged around a table face to face..

    Everybody will have an opinion about various resorts/ locations on the Island and we will all have our reasons why we particularly like a place which are personal to us. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. . . If where you go and holiday or live is correct and right for you , then so be it , ,If your happiest there, then that is all that matters..

    An opinion is allowed,,,We all have them , , , Making it personal though with a swipe at someone is a no no as far as i am concerned..

    For the record ,,I go to Playa Blanca. . . My choice ,,because i like it based on some deep personal reasons going back many years ! ….. .simples …lol

    Keep well everyone !.

  25. David myers on Jun 02, 2013

    Paul as I was agreeing with Mags regards the weather I am not sure what your saying
    I to go to PB love it

    • Paul D on Jun 02, 2013

      The weather !

      Lets see if this opens up a whole new can of worms !. . . .lol

      I think an individuals take on the weather in Lanz is coloured greatly by your first visit to the Island. . If you happen to drop on a dreadful weeks weather whilst there, then nothing will ever change your mind about it being bad !. . .If you drop on a glorious week of weather, , nothing will change your mind about it being anything else but brill !

      The truth is that you can experience both. . .Over the years ive visited the island ive had good and bad weather holidays ,,Cloudy holidays ,,mixed weather including a Calima and i once arrived a day after the mini hurricane that was encountered too.

      Percentage wise though , , The better weather wins out ! . . Ive said it before , , the best weather i ever had was on my first visit in the early 80s , , Ive never had as good weather since. Ive often wondered if the weather over the years has declined but the average statistics do not bere that out. . . You only have to look at the lack of general vegetation to realise its a hot dry place most of the year anyway. . and that can include cloudy days as well as cloudless days.

      I genuinely feel for Mags first visit experience having been not so good weather-wise., but it does happen that way somtimes. . and it does have that affect of scaring people away from a 2nd visit to the island which is sad because it is a wonderful place.. . however everyone as always has a perogative to do what is best for them and what makes them happy. .

      Holiday time is precious if you are a working adult/family and it can be spoilt by awful weather, , I totally get where Mags is coming from and respect her desire to find more reliable sunshine.

  26. Paul D on Jun 02, 2013

    Hi David..
    My contribution was general in relation to the spat of opinions going on amongst everyone regarding which resorts they like or dislike. . The weather wasnt anything i was commenting on .

    The weather is a whole other massive debate ! lol

  27. David myers on Jun 02, 2013

    Paul the problem with the weather is its up the wall every where not just Lanzarote
    Spain as been quite cool for the time of year so its hard to get good weather where ever you go in the earlier months