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Is the new Barcelo teguise beach hotel fully open yet ?

Asked by: 16th July 2015 ,


6 Answers

  1. jim on Jul 17, 2015

    It is open, but not fully still lots of work to be completed including pools, check on the latest reviews on Trip advisor for the first guests opinion of work.

    • chris on Jul 17, 2015

      Thanks Jim looking to try there in october

  2. jim on Jul 17, 2015

    Hi Chris, I would think the way they going every thing should be OK for October.

  3. Eda on Jul 19, 2015

    Was in CT last Xmas and passed the Barceló every day ,lots of workmen were on it ,very busy, and seemed to be putting new balconies on, looks vey nice but couldn’t see what was happening inside .By now I would think it should be finished by October .We are back again at Xmas so see it then, enjoy your stay ,

  4. Megan O D on Aug 06, 2015

    Hi jim,

    My family are just back from CT and we have a very close friend working in Laga Laya Barcelo. They said it is looking amazing. Only adults aloud now but very relaxing and peaceful setting.

    • Megan O D on Aug 06, 2015

      Sorry I meant Chris 🙂