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Is The Beach Bar in C.T. closed ?

Asked by: 18th January 2015

No lights or web-cam on !


6 Answers

  1. Sue on Jan 18, 2015

    Yes, it as closed when I walked past last week. Looks like it’s being refurbished

  2. Mick Garvey on Jan 18, 2015

    It is closed for refurbishment .A rumour going around is it is to be reopened as a nail bar . I heard the new owner comes from Wigan.

    • Tom Iles on Jan 18, 2015

      Me thinks someone is extracting the urine!

  3. david charles hind on Jan 18, 2015

    Beach bar is having a renovation,photos on facebook and news on facebook !

  4. BrianChris on Jan 18, 2015

    Pictures on the Bar’s Facebook site.We recognise two of the waiters (builders).

  5. Joe Strummer on Jan 21, 2015

    Just back last Friday and it was closed with huge bags of building material outside !