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is the barge inn and toby jug in puerto del carmen gone up for sale ?

Asked by: 7th July 2011

are they going to reopen ?


4 Answers

  1. larry connell on Jul 09, 2011

    Well lets be honest you dont see many people in either bar, or ye olde spanish inn and i can name a few more bars that are struggling to cope with the financial downturn, I think they would struggle to find a buyer in the current climate if the do hang the sign.

  2. Jules CJ on Jul 09, 2011

    No, the bar’s are not for sale, they have closed. The family have moved back to the UK, not because they had to but because they wanted to.

  3. Steve on Jul 11, 2011

    Hi,this is a real shame,about 18 months ago it was heaving every night,then a couple of months later Brian left.We visited there again in may and found out Rob had left to,and it was really quiet! not suprised the owners have flown back.what chance have they got with all the all inclusive deals about.

  4. larry connell on Jul 11, 2011

    I agree it is a shame but you have to look at the overall picture, all inclusives, the pound against the euro, the whole financial market is up in the air, the bar owners are finding it tough, sorry if I mislead anyone but most bars are very quiet.
    The all inclusive market is booming, the tour operators are having a field day and they are killing the resorts.
    Lets be honest I would’nt like to be stuck on a complex for 14 days because there is nothing outside, but the tour operators want it that way because they are making money.
    I am out again in october and will be sticking to my usual haunts, whale an Ale, the owl and the pussy cat, Friends, spenders and the sports bar to name a few