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is popeyes (costa teguise) still up and running and are scott and gill still there ?

Asked by: 4th January 2012


3 Answers

  1. steve on Jan 04, 2012

    Yes Popeyes is still going but Scott & Gill are no longer the owners.

  2. johnny robinson on Jan 08, 2012

    Yes Popeyes is still there but it has gone to the dogs now Scott and Gill have gone . No atmosphere at all .Gill was seen the other day pushing a pram but no sight of Scott . Does anyone know his whereabouts as he has a lot of questions to answer for, like what was in Gills pram!!

    • andrew goude on Jan 30, 2012

      Just returned from costa teguise on the 26th and can now put to rest the situation regarding scott and gill, despite Johnny Robinson stating the above they are definately still together and will be setting up a new venture early march time was good to catch up with them both and will be looking forward to visiting there new bar next year and by the way for all people querying weather the temperature was on average 22 – 25 centigrade but with the winds felt a little cooler but when out of wind was glorious.