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Is Lanzarote a good place to live?

Asked by: 8th January 2015

Is it possible to work & live there if you don’t know Spanish ?


3 Answers

  1. Wendy Middleton on Jan 08, 2015

    Some people seem to get buy living abroad anywhere without speaking the language.

    If you want to be welcomed, I would imagine that you have to at least show willing and speak some Spanish.

  2. jim dolan on Jan 08, 2015

    Its very easy to live here without been able to speak Spanish, you would certainly get by, but if you are hoping to find work or become self-employed you will certainly need to learn at the very least some basic Spanish if you want to succeed

  3. Fred on Jan 08, 2015

    A bit of a no-brainer really. To echo what the others have said, you can get by but it is much better to have at least basic conversational Spanish.