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Is it hot enough to sunbathe at the moment ?

Asked by: 7th February 2012 ,

We are coming to Costa Teguise for a week on 16th Feb, on the cams I see alot of people in long sleeves! Is it not warm enough to sunbathe?


13 Answers

  1. Michael on Feb 07, 2012

    Right now its very windy so its a little bit colder, but the wind will drop this week end.

    Even with the wind, you can always sunbath all year round in Lanzarote. Especially if you are in a no-wind area like a hotel’s pool or some beaches.

  2. gordon on Feb 07, 2012

    i came home with a good tan in early january.

  3. David myers on Feb 07, 2012

    I think the answer is there to be seen on the web cam the only people i have seen sunbathing have been on the left next to the wall sheltering from the wind if you do the same you should do OK

  4. Mr.c on Feb 08, 2012

    Well right now i am on a packed train heading from Birmingham to London and its minus 5 so no sunbathing for me today. On Sunday though i will be hitting Las Cucharas beach whatever the weather throws at me. Still might have my gloves on but i am definitely going to find me some rays!!!

  5. Kayla on Feb 08, 2012

    Thanks everyone 🙂 will pack for both hot & cold!

  6. mikey09 on Feb 09, 2012

    hey everyone , apparantly lanzarote is the sunniest and driest of all the cannaries , but the strangest thing is ive been watching the las cuchuras webcam for months and one in tenerife called playa las vistas beach in los christianos
    always seems to be hot and sunny there with lots of people in trunks and bikkinis like a hot summers day?

  7. Linda on Feb 10, 2012

    Hi Kayla, I’m off to Lanzarote on the 16th. I have been many many times and the weather at this time of year has always been good, it only rained one time but when it did all the roads were flooded. It can get a bit nippy after the sun goes down but daytimes never needed more than a Cardi, hope you enjoy your trip let’s just hope that our airports aren’t snowed in on the 16th.

  8. Kayla on Feb 10, 2012

    Thanks Linda We are going from Stansted and the weather is looking promising on the 10day forecast !!

  9. Debby on Feb 11, 2012

    Been watching the webcam today and everyone has been very wrapped up. Some had proper coats on!. Hope things improve am off tomorrow. Really hoping to be able to catch some sun. Been checking several different weather sites and the forecasts vary so much. Does anyone know which is the most accurate site? or is there anyone out there that knows what weather is coming over the next week? So excited

  10. Kayla on Feb 11, 2012

    http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g187477-i240-k5121239-Todays_weather_February_2012-Lanzarote_Canary_Islands.html#38668370 this is brilliant Debby Keith updates several times a day about the weather

  11. Graham on Feb 11, 2012

    Just back for Lanza and from about 11 am to 4pm there no problem sunbathing. After that a bit cool. From 5pm on a bit too cool to sit out. It’s the NNE wind that’s doing it. ( algeria had snow i believe last week ) Take fleece / jeans for night times if u want to eat outside. Sea water a bit on the cool side. But will be getting warmer 😉

    • Debby on Feb 11, 2012

      Thank you Graham that’s good to know. Must be a bit of a shock for you coming back to these freezing temperatures. Glad to be leaving them behind for a bit

  12. david sinclair on Mar 01, 2012

    I was in Costa Teguise between 19th – 26th February, and the sun was out most of the time every day. The closer you get to the waterfront the cooler it became. In my opinion, it’s a great time to go. You will be comfortable with either trousers and a shirt, or shorts and a t-shirt/