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Is it easy to send postcards ?

Asked by: 2nd June 2015

How long to UK ?


3 Answers

  1. Mick Garvey on Jun 02, 2015

    Sure its easy, Just write your message and recipients name and address on it. Put a stamp on it and put it in the post box. It can take ages to get to the UK but go on give it a try its easy you will soon get the hang of it.

  2. Steve p on Jun 02, 2015

    There is I understand more than one mail provider so when you buy stamps you must make sure you put it in the correct mail box,

    And yes they do take ages some we sent in October got back to the UK just before Christmas, in the past had them take 4 months to arrive

  3. W Middleton on Jun 04, 2015

    As Steve says, there is more than one mail provider. If you buy a stamp in the supermarket, they will tell you to post it back in their box. If you go to the Post Office you can use a ‘normal’ post box.

    And………..they take ages to arrive back in the UK.