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Is it always cloudy in Lanzarote (Puerto del Carmen) ?

Asked by: 6th June 2012 ,


7 Answers

  1. Michael on Jun 06, 2012

    Clouds has never been a problem in Lanzarote, you will always get a good tan dont worry )

    Its not like in Europe, when its cloudy it doesnt mean its going to rain… Clouds always go away really fast after morning especially during summer.

  2. David myers on Jun 08, 2012

    Not to sure i agree clouds are no problem i have known them stay all day on one holiday they stayed for the last 5 days while on a 7 day visit no one picked up a sun tan as the clouds were dark with a mist in the air, this was in the August

  3. Terry on Jun 08, 2012

    tbh. it was mainly cloudy in Costa Teguise, (i know its not Puerto del Carmen, but its not to far away from there) but by lunch time, it always cleared in the duration of the time we were there,

    if you are worried about getting a tan, dont fear,,,, i seen they had some tanning shops there which we were surprised at, lol 🙂

  4. mike on Jun 08, 2012

    we go every year, either in june n july and we have had rain once in those holidays, once went in january and it rained alot but i wudnt worry too much, as terry says, it generally is cloudy in the morning and it clears up by lunch time. with climate change happening, even the most warmest of climates will be affected but u always come back from costa tequise with a good tan… i always do. i go in 3 weeks 🙂

  5. Terry on Jun 08, 2012

    My partner felt a few spots of rain there on tuesday the 5th June when we went to swim with the sea lions, i still dont believe her as the sky was pretty much clear, (but who would argue with a women?!?!?)
    i heard there is ment to be a thunder storm this weekend?!?! witch im gutted we will miss, as i love the storms you get around that part of the world,,, its still so hot,,,, yet heavey rain and a few bolts of lightning, 😀 i remember being in San Jaavier a few years back in spain, and the hale stones were the size of golf balls thumping on the rented car, 2mins later the sky just turnt bright blue and so hot,

    Mike im jealous your going in 3 weeks, i didnt want to leave Wednesday,,, 🙁 we are thinking of going back in september though, we loved it in the Barcelo Gala, may only have been a 3* hotel, but the location was fantastic!

    • Sarah H on Jun 12, 2012

      I like the sound of this swimming with sea lions where is the trip?

  6. mike on Jun 13, 2012

    we always stay in los zocos and likewise its only a 3 star but the location is what makes the holiday not something u just use for sleeping in. i also like the storms they get over there the skies go so dark but amazingly it clears up and returns to hot quickly. 18 days 🙂