4 Answers

is hammy moving to new premesis ?

Asked by: 21st February 2016

been going to his place for years, shame if he has called it a day


4 Answers

  1. Sue on Mar 02, 2016

    It looks like he’s moving to Playa Bastian, the new place looks like it’s nearly ready to open

  2. Brian Allen on Mar 12, 2016

    YEP…Hammy is moving near Playa Bastian, outside the Taxi rank and next to Sabadell Bank, I am told new Grill looks FAB, and hopes to open next week (March 15th ish).
    Got this info from friend on the Island so should be correct
    We think Hammys was always the best bar on the front, so hope now it will be best Grill in CT.

  3. Kevin Burton on Mar 22, 2016

    Hammy reopened two nights ago looks really nice.

    • ian on Mar 22, 2016

      thanks kevin. is his new place near the santa rosa