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Is CT really that quiet ?

Asked by: 13th June 2012


20 Answers

  1. Steve Mobius on Jun 13, 2012

    Hi we’ve been to CT several different times over the last few years, it always seems quiet, however when leaving the bars at night you can always find several late night bars that have all sorts of different music/dancing going on; we’ve even tried a few ourselves (we are 46 and 55) and had great fun. The noiseiest thing we found was the emptying of the skips early in the morning (we were in an apartment right on the road (haven’t made that mistake since)

    Hope this answers your question

    • Sarah H on Jun 13, 2012

      Dont worry Barry CT is not really that quiet…My family & I have been 3 times and loved it. There is always some entertainment going on in the bars…singers,acts etc. You are never bored. I admit it isnt busy busy nightlife with noisy clubs but then again its not advertised as that type of place…it is family orientated…

  2. Barry White on Jun 13, 2012

    Hi, thanks for the replies but there is some text missing from my question!

    We are returning to CT for the 3rd time in 4 years (and love the place) in about 2 weeks time so I’ve had one eye on the Beach Bar webcam and can’t believe how quiet it looks. the first time we went was 2008 when it was really quiet there but last year was a lot busier.

    • Sarah H on Jun 14, 2012

      We have been 3 times & the last time was in 2010. We found the side of the bars wirg Ryans bar & the webcam side rather quiet but the other side with Saxo’s & shamrock etc was busy….I am sure it will be fab!

  3. mike on Jun 13, 2012

    hi barry, like steve and sarah says, dont worry, there is always something going on in the bars in costa tequise, live acts, shows etc etc, me and my partner go every year and we are 27 and 23. its not somewhere to go if u like nightclub after nightclub but still has plenty going on thats why we love it there. we go on in 18 days 🙂

  4. Barry White on Jun 13, 2012

    Sorry, our first visit was 2009 not 2008.

    Mike, it sounds as if you go for the same reasons as us – CT can be as lively or as quiet as you want it to be 😉 We have 3 girls 19, 17 & 13 and we’ve never been stuck for anything to do or anywhere to go. We find all the bars and restaurants very accomodating and very friendly 🙂 My concern is that there doesn’t appear to be anyone about – maybe everyone is all inclusive and staying in their hotels?

  5. Ken on Jun 13, 2012

    A lot of people seem to be going to Playa Blanca for yes all inclusive deals.
    But all the resorts are still as popular. CT is a wee bit quiter than PDC.

    Have a good holiday.

  6. mike on Jun 14, 2012

    yeah we love the place aswell barry. i always look at the webcam but it can be very decieving, it doesnt mean that it aint busy if there doesnt seem to many people around on the webcam. we have been goin CT since 2007 and there are plenty of people around in the evening aswell as daytime. however alot of people do stay all inclusive which is a shame thats why we go self catering as there are so many nice restaurants and bars to chose from. what hotel u staying in?

  7. Jan on Jun 14, 2012

    HI Barry, we’ve been going since my son was 3 months old and he’s now 15, we all absolutely love the place, even my 15 year old. We always go self catering as like Mike we love all the different restaurants and bars CT has to offer. I do think however that the All Inclusive options are now spoiling the resorts, but that won’t stop us going we are going in August and are counting the weeks down. Enjoy

  8. Barry White on Jun 14, 2012

    Hi Mike, we’re staying at Oasis Lanz Club again – really handy for all the “nice restaurants and bars” 🙂 can’t wait to get there and have a nice cold beer in the sun, dry out some of the soggyness from the last few weeks!

    Jan: We’ll make sure we leave some sunshine behind for you when we come back. Have a great hol 🙂

  9. ian on Jun 14, 2012

    hi barry, is the oasis lanz suitable for wheelchairs, we are going in september but havent yet booked our apt. our son is 19 and uses a wheelchair

  10. mike on Jun 15, 2012

    we stay at los zocos barry, 5th time at that hotel we like it there, central and close to everything, 2 mins from the beach which is great. i no what u mean, there is a nice cold san miguel waiting for me on a sun lounger in the sun and cant wait get away from this weather!

    jan: toally agree with u, the all inclusive ruins the resort with people choosing to eat the awful ai food when there are so many great restaurants and bars and even the entertainment is better than in the hotels. so much more fun going self catering.

  11. Jan on Jun 15, 2012

    Its nice to know that so many like the resort like we do. Its lovely to return and see that it hasnt been spoilt and has turned into a mini Benidorm or Blackpool. Barry we are staying at the Oasis Lanz Club too and have been staying there for quite a few times now, love it. Looking forward to having a nice cocktail at the Hook

  12. Rachael on Jun 15, 2012

    I’ve been going to CT for years both on girls and family holidays. Went in May and it was busier than it was in August 3 years ago. Going back in July with the hubby & four 16 year olds precisely because it’s busy enough for them not to be bored but not so busy that I’ll want them tied to my apron strings!
    Don’t get me started on AI. Hope everyone enjoys their holidays.

  13. jason on Jun 15, 2012

    Just come back from CT as we have a villa on sands…….What do you mean by quiet is what is like to ask ?? Daytimes people on beach or mostly around the pools at their villa or hotels and in the evening time lots of restaurants are packed and bars seem to be busy

    • Sarah H on Jun 15, 2012

      I go in 2 weeks & cant wait. I agree the days can be quiet as everyone is relaxing by the pool or at the beach. did you see any singer /acts when you were there? they make my little girl (10) happy…

  14. jason on Jun 15, 2012

    Quite a few bars have them on..mostley later in the evening around 9-10pm. Plus top square where market is on friday they have singers and sometimes local spanish band play on their wat through.

  15. Sarah H on Jun 15, 2012

    Oh great – Thanks Jason.

  16. mike on Jun 15, 2012

    hi jan, we love the “HOOK” bar, funny tho as we have been going costa tequise for years we only descovered that bar last year as it was really busy when we went round that area and practically never left the bar all hol lol, the spanish measures of spirits is my favourite lol… vodka red bull, cant wait get one of those 🙂

    sarah i go two weeks on sunday aswell cant wait. like jason says there are acts on in the evenings, the waterfront bar has acts on quite a lot aswell and we remember the spanish band in the top square where the market is aswell as we ate dinner in the restaurant next to it. cant wait go back…. 15 days 🙂

  17. Barry White on Jun 15, 2012

    Hi Ian, If i remember correctly there is a small step from the road onto the pavement but reception is pavement level. the exit of reception towards the accomodation is ramped. The ground level accomodation is just that – you could open up the patio doors and go straight in and out. I think a ground floor suite would be the best option for you as they have more room than the single bedroom apartments. I know for sure that one of the pools has a ramp but can’t remember if it goes from the side of the pool or whether there is a step and then ramped. I do have a contact email for OasisLanz if you want to give them a shout or have a look at http://www.grandholidaysclub.com/oasis-lanz-club/ 😉

    Hi Jason – glad to hear it’s busier than the webcam makes out!! 🙂