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is costa teguise a place where everyone gets dressed up at night ?

Asked by: 17th June 2011

might sound silly , however is costa tegise a place where everyone gets dressed up at night oris ita more laidback atmophere ?


4 Answers

  1. steve on Jun 17, 2011

    Its very laid back and you not need to wear a three piece suit to buy a pizza!

  2. Karen on Jun 17, 2011

    Agree as above – very laid back – but if you want to get your ‘glad rags’ on then feel free :-}

  3. Frank on Jun 17, 2011

    Didn’t see many naked people walking around at night last week. Only kidding most go for the smart casual look. Shorts and shirts/tops, very casual.

  4. MARY JAGGER on Jun 18, 2011

    Dress trend is set by locals who dress amazingly casually throughout the day – eg male and female bank clerks wearing tee shirts. So even in the smartest hotels, anything goes at night too, and you won’t see many fellows sporting a smart jacket, and none in a tie. But women as always turn out in whatever makes them feel and look good.