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In searching of a hanggliding guy named Ray who run a B&B?

Asked by: 4th February 2011

In searching for the adress/phonenumber of a hanggliding guy named Ray who run a B&B?


2 Answers

  1. davey brid on Feb 20, 2011

    Hi Helmer,
    Do you know were the b&b was,
    i googled hanggliding in lanzarote and there is a few sites,
    maybe if you google them and ask the question to someone in that scene they will be better to assist,
    sorry cant be more help,

  2. Michael on Feb 20, 2011

    Perhaps him, no ?

    “Well-known and helpful pilot on Lanzarote is Ray Cooper – he and his wife Josie run an accommodation service and site guide service. (+34) 928-512-604.

    From Arrecife airport, take the main dual carraigeway towards Yaiza, and go straight past Tias. Go through Macher village, and down the hill till you come to a roundabout in a dip in the road. Turn right at the roundabout onto a back road – Ray and Josie’s place is about 400 yds up there, first house on Left, with a windsock on it.” (source: myparaglidingbuddies.com)