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IGIC increase in Canary Islands ?

Asked by: 30th April 2012

Help please!

Ive been reading on a few forums about the possible increase in IGIC. I’m looking to buy a house in Lanza over the next few months and if the IGIC goes up by 2% then i need to budget for a larger expense than originally planned which could put the purchase in jeapordy. Does anyone know if this is definitely going ahead and if so, when. Theres lots of different opinions on the web and i havent been able to find a definite answer – not even my estate agent can confirm one way or another. Any help would be very much appreciated whilst i continue my search for the facts! 



3 Answers

  1. jason grace on May 01, 2012

    The problem is…..They are Spanish..it takes ages for them to make their mind up and introduce anything. I doubt anyone can give you a definate answer…….just go for it

  2. Michael on May 01, 2012

    They need money so you can be sure 99,99% it will be, if not yet, increased to 7%.

  3. Taylor on May 01, 2012

    It is going up some things won’t go up until the new tax year, but some- hotels etc will put it up now.
    It is like UK VAT
    This tax stays in the Canaries doesn’t go to Spain pays for the hospitals etc