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I have been watching the web cam and the weather looks terrible … Is it really that cold?

Asked by: 4th February 2013


34 Answers

  1. Brian Golding on Feb 05, 2013

    I was in canaries till last friday temperatures were in high 20’s and one day it was 32 on the chemists outside thermometer certainly not cold, of course there are no guarantees but certainly better than here.

    • Kelly white on Feb 05, 2013

      Aw wow that sounds amazing . I have never been in feb before so not sure what to expect .. I don’t expect it to be 30+ but my heart sank when I saw people with coats ha ha .

  2. Steamy on Feb 05, 2013

    I’m there from Thursday for 10 nights. Whilst it’s been windy it’s still been warm and some lovely sunshine is promised from Saturday onwards….

    • Kelly white on Feb 05, 2013

      Aw so pleased its still warm thank you . You have all just made my day… :0) I’m there a week on Thursday can’t wait. Was thinking of repacking my case but maybe wont !! We are currently knee deep in snow here and it’s no sign in stopped . Bring on the sun …….

  3. Colin Butler on Feb 05, 2013

    Arriving February 7th for a week, hows the temperature been at night? Forecasts say it is getting down to about 14 degrees but wht is it like up to about 11pm?

  4. lisa on Feb 05, 2013

    hi kelly just been looking at web cam also it look fine ive been looking at beach bar live web cam check it out i am there in two weeks and going to sit right in front and tell my mates to watch ha ha

    • Kelly white on Feb 05, 2013

      Hi Lisa, we fly out a week on Thursday , I have been panicking never been in feb Everytime I’ve looked at the web cam it’s looked grey and cold and people are wearing coats !! Looks fabulous today tho … Thanks for your message , i hope you have a fantastic time and ill keep a watch out for you waving in two weeks :0) xxx

  5. Lisa on Feb 05, 2013

    Im watching the beach bar live web cam atm. Weather looks gorgeous…….. much better than the view from my office window 😀

  6. Steve p on Feb 05, 2013

    I will say that I looked on the web cam yesterday morning (monday) 4th and I did think then It maybe cold there by the way a couple were dressed in what looked like winter coats, but looking today I sea people on the beach in swim wear so not that cold. unlike here in London

  7. Steve p on Feb 05, 2013

    Maybe not warm enough to go in the sea but the beach looks nice and warm

  8. Barry Dunne on Feb 05, 2013

    Lisa let us know when you are on the webcam. Don’t forget to hold up your page with ” Hello Barry” on it. I will give you a wave lol

  9. Lisa on Feb 05, 2013

    Hoping to be in CT around mid October 8). If we remember Barry, we will give you a wave lol.

  10. Tom Iles on Feb 05, 2013

    Bit of a problem having a lisa and a Lisa on this site. Wires get crossed.

    • Kelly white on Feb 05, 2013

      Yeah noticed that but didn’t want to say lol …..

  11. Lisa on Feb 06, 2013


    Sorry all. I did wonder why Barry was asking me to wave lol.
    Didnt see earlier message from the other lisa. 🙂

  12. David myers on Feb 08, 2013

    Kelly dont look at the beach bar live web cam today (8-2-13) it looks windy cold and cloudy what cant speak cant lie, no sun bathing today
    But its got to be better than here

    • Kelly white on Feb 08, 2013

      Aw I have stopped looking …. What I can’t see won’t upset me ha ha

  13. Steve p on Feb 08, 2013

    Just looked at the web cam lots of people with coats on standing outside the bar no one even in shorts and beach empty

  14. Steve p on Feb 08, 2013

    Just been looking at Club La Santa web cam looks like most people there are in coats

  15. David myers on Feb 08, 2013

    Just wondering where the people are who say you can sun bath all year round in Lanzarote there not on the beach

  16. Adam on Feb 08, 2013

    Im going 7th march so im hoping my shorts will be making a few apperances then

    • Kelly white on Feb 08, 2013

      Think I might re pack … Going the 14th not looking good is it …

  17. Eda on Feb 08, 2013

    Been in early March 2010 and the weather was great ,chilly at night though so take a cardigan or jacket out with you.

  18. MATT JONES on Feb 10, 2013

    Just arrived back (Sunday 10th) from a week in Corralejo . I’ve been to Lanza many times and always look at the webcam on here: before anyone reminds me this site is about Lanza not Fuerte 😉 so I wanted to have a word on the weather over there.

    Cool is the best way to describe it. I took jeans, jumpers and tracktops, as well as the summer gear. We had 4 days of total cloud and I really wished that I had taken a coat. The whole day on a cloudy day was cool/cold and the nights were Autumnal at best. On the sunny days, the morns and eves were cool, but if you found a sheltered spot at the pool or on the balcony then you could sunbathe from 10ish until around 5ish. .All the beaches however,were empty.We had good selection of Northern Europeans in our hotel and they were far more sensibly dressed for the weather than the Brits!

    I realise that it is February and therefore the weather will not be fantastic and so my advice for anyone travelling to the Canaries in the near future is to definitely pack a case for ALL weathers because the webcam can be a little deceptive at times.

    • Kelly white on Feb 10, 2013

      Thank you so much for your advice I will defiantly be packing warm clothes as well as summer clothes … I’m sure we can enjoy lanzarote just as much wrapped up !

  19. Eric on Feb 13, 2013

    I’ve been in Lanzarote during every month of the year except July & August over the last 10 years and never not had some good hot weather. Yes you could get 3/4 days cloudy and cool but you’d be unlucky. One guarentee though it will be chilly at night. Also depends where you are going, Playa Blanca is liable to be warmest with least wind, CT windiest and its th ewind that makes if cool. Enjoy

  20. Barry Dunne on Feb 13, 2013

    Most of us go for a bit of Sun and heat,find a sheltered spot by the pool,lie back and enjoy.
    You wont get soaked and freeze to death at night unlike at home.

  21. Damian on Feb 14, 2013

    Kelly – I think Eric and Barry are spot on. And looking at the webcam, the warm clothes can stay in the bag today…

  22. Kelly white on Feb 16, 2013

    I’m here now and it’s red hot was 27 degrees yesterday it is beautiful chilly on a night but amazing thru the day …

  23. Bellboy on Feb 16, 2013

    Hi Kelly

    We are due to arrive in Costa Teguise tomorrow. What is the forecast and outlook like for tomorrow onwards?


    • Kelly white on Feb 22, 2013

      Sorry bellboy just got your message ( a little to late ) .. Hope the weather stayed as nice for you and you had fun …

  24. Eric on Feb 22, 2013

    Hope you’ll let us know what it was like when you come back

    • Kelly white on Feb 22, 2013

      Hi … I’m home got a fab tan :0) , had a fantastic time will defo go in feb again.. The week before was poor weather but ours was amazing . First time in CT and would defo go back lovely place ….,lovely people!
      Was lucky enough to be ther and go back to the carnival in PDC … Amazing … Everyone made such an effort ,it went on for hours I didn’t realise ther was as many ppl on the island . The party atmosphere was electric from young to old they all join in …