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I am looking for accomadation with 3 bedrooms July 2012 ?

Asked by: 5th December 2012 , ,

Can anyone sugest anywhere which rents 3 bedroom accomadation in Costa Teguise, I have a limited budget so I cant afford a private pool sort of place?


13 Answers

  1. David myers on Dec 05, 2012

    Dave i think you may have missed the chance to stay July 2012 ?

  2. Dave on Dec 05, 2012

    David,Thanks for the feedback but flights are bought and paid for, I actually have a place booked in Costa Teguise from a private renter via a web site but I have a bad feeling on how genuine the owner is, some of the contact details don’t add up, I need to check out some alternatives, we could squeze into a 2 bed appartment if necessary but I was hopeing to get a 3 bed. Any advise would be gratefully received.

  3. dave love on Dec 05, 2012

    Dave, hi we stayed at a private villa in Costa Teguise last year which was the cheapest we have ever paid. it is a 3 bedroomed villa with a private pool, and is available for the whole of July 2013 at the moment. The cost is £400 per week for 2 people plus £50 per week for each additional person so for 7 people it would be £650 per week. it is in a good area as well not far from bars/restaurants/beach etc. if this is within your buget let me know and i will let you know the web link.

    • Dave on Dec 05, 2012

      Thanks dave, that sounds like a very fair price, could you forward me a link please and I will chase it up – thanks again

    • gill on Dec 05, 2012

      Hi Dave, I am looking for the same for end Sept/beg Oct 2013. Could you let me have the link as well please


    • Dave on Dec 06, 2012

      dave, Looks like David Myers could be right, there is a bit of a queue forming, I dont mind sharing the web link to the house but if you dont want to post it I dont mind posting my email address.

      • Dave on Dec 06, 2012

        Sorry everyone, I ment July 2013, I cant belive I did that…..

  4. Dave Jackson on Dec 05, 2012

    Hi Dave,
    Can you also send me the link,
    Many Thanks

  5. John Williamson on Dec 05, 2012

    Hi Dave

    Me too if possible.



  6. Dave on Dec 07, 2012

    Hi All, I think I have found the villa suggested by dave myers, I am still awaiting a responce from the owner but as soon as I hear back I will ask him to post his details here.

    • dave love on Dec 07, 2012

      good morning everybody, and sorry for replying late to everybodys questions to me. firstly Dave it is myself that informed you about this Villa and not Dave Myers. anyway here is the link to the Villa




      any problems please let me know

      • Dave on Dec 07, 2012

        Thanks Dave Love, your are a star.

  7. Barry Dunne on Dec 07, 2012

    I thought at first this was a Dave tread lol

    I will also check that link,thanks