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how to enter @ on computer in Lanzarote ?

Asked by: 17th September 2011

Always forget how to type @ in Lanzarote. Think I press 2 then something else Please Help


6 Answers

  1. david charles hind on Sep 17, 2011

    It allways baffles me,but i usually find someone to help,try the Ctrl key,if not will be in CT on the 29th and you can help me lol

  2. Dale Archer on Sep 17, 2011

    ALT GR and then press no.2 along the top if i remember

  3. Helene gash on Sep 17, 2011

    Thanks for the info. Sorry David won’t be there till 9th Oct and in PDC but thanks for the offer lol

  4. gordon on Sep 18, 2011

    aye its a 3 finger job, ctrl/alt/2 …

  5. Michael on Sep 18, 2011

    Hold down the “Alt” key, and enter the code “064” on the numeric keypad on the right, with Num Lock on.

  6. Eda on Sep 19, 2011

    hold down ALTGr and 2 always works for me,Dale gave you the right answer,