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How the prices compare to feurteventura for food etc when self catering ?

Asked by: 23rd October 2011

please can anyone help on the prices for food and drink  in lanzarote compared to prices in feurteventura when self catering ? which is the dearest island for  self catering ?


6 Answers

  1. Frank on Oct 24, 2011

    It’s a couple of years since I’ve been to Feurteventura but I’ve found the prices in Lanzarote to be similar.

    Some British Branded items are considerably more expensive than in the UK but if you stick to local goods and fresh produce I’ve always found it much the same as back home.

    Take your own tea/coffee/breakfast cereal etc and don’t buy items like Pot Noodles as they are extortionate !

    • judy on Oct 24, 2011

      thanks frank we are thinking of going there although we really like costa teguise lanzarote we`re thinking of trying feurteventura and wondered what prices were like to buy food in and to eat out as breakfasts are so cheap in teguise didnt know what prices like in feurteventura
      many thanks

  2. David myers on Oct 24, 2011

    Judy if you stay in Corralejo you will find it much like Lanzarote, but when i have stayed or visited the other resorts on Fuerteventura i have found them dearer.

    • judy on Oct 24, 2011

      thanks david maybe it will be best to go back to teguise and stick to what we know and enjoy as we really do like it there so here we come teguise

  3. mick heaton on Oct 28, 2011

    just come back from teguise, If you look around you can find cheap prices, full english from 2 euro, many bars do a pint for 1.5 euro, some do 3 course specials for 9.99 euro, but some restraunts dont have kids menu but will do anything off menu smaller portions for half price. So it all depends on you what you want to pay, not been to Fur for a couple of year but last time there slightly dearer than tequise.

    • judy on Oct 28, 2011

      hi mick thanks just watching prices shall be going before xmas looking forward to going back