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How quiet is Costa Teguise ?

Asked by: 5th March 2012

After reading peoples reviews on how quiet it is I’m a little worried! I’m going at the end of may with my boyfriend. We arnt going for the party life, we are going to relax. Even though we are all inclusive we like to go out for each of the 10 nights we will be there for some drinks. What kind of time do they tend to stay open until and are there any shows such as live tributes/ humour shows. Even maybe a nightclub? Thanks in advance x


23 Answers

  1. Paul Haynes on Mar 05, 2012


    Been to CT six times in 12 years and can honestly that you will be OK when it comes to evening entertainment.

    CT is not as mad as Puerta del Carmen but there are a good choice of bars and restaurants available – from the quiet ones to the ones that get a little more ‘rowdy’ shall we say!

    We have always found live shows on at one bar/restaurant or another while on our evening walkabout, in fact the places themselves will usually advertise these events on boards outside their establishments.

    The beaches are great (they have 3 i believe) so if one isn’t to your liking you can always wander up to one of the others.

    The end of May (we went that time the last time) is a good time to go, the weather should be fine and around 80f but could be a little breezy.

    Lanzarote is a beautiful island and well worth exploring too, car hire is not too dear so if you drive consider getting a car and heading out and about.

    I’m sure that you will find everything you need in CT and will return with good memories of your trip there – and like the rest of us, you will soon be getting itchy feet to get back there ASAP!


  2. dave love on Mar 05, 2012

    hi where are you staying ???
    there are 2 places that come to mind, both are near the El Trebor Apartments,
    Legends bar, which has Live tribute Bands / Acts every night of the week, and Cactus Jacks which also has entertainment every night of the week. Normally the bars stay open untill 1 or 2 in the morning. There are also alot of bars that have entertainment around the beach area most nights of the week. 1 of them being The Lighthouse. I believe there is a night club in Costa teguise just off of the Main Street but not sure what the name of this is.
    Anyway not long to go now untill May, we have to wait untill August, i am sure you will find something to do every night, and you will have a great time

  3. David myers on Mar 05, 2012

    Deary me Dave open till 1 & 2 plus theres a night club people will think its P.D.C.or at least the ones who were calling it in reply to C.T. like a cemetery

    • dave love on Mar 05, 2012

      David, i have been to CT many times, just like yourself. and i can assure you that the 2 bars named do stay open untill those times, and there is a night club jus off of the main street but i cannot remember the name, i will ask a friend of mine who lives in CT and come back to you

  4. Jill Clash on Mar 05, 2012

    Number One Cocktail Lounge has a brilliant drag act on a Monday and Thursday. Henneseys has an Irish siinger on Saturdays to name but two. Plenty to do in CT

  5. Emzy_babez on Mar 05, 2012

    You all have been so helpful 🙂 yeh, not long to wait at all….. Thank you for the list of bars. Am feeling a little better now! Sounds just perfect. Thank you everyone. Any more suggestions would also be much appreciated. Thanks xxx

  6. Frank on Mar 05, 2012

    In the beach

  7. Andy B on Mar 05, 2012

    CT is as quiet as you make it you will be sure of a good night out in cactus jacks.

  8. Frank on Mar 05, 2012

    In the beach/town centre area there is Scots and Wry, Jesters, Lighthouse, Ryan’s Bar, Henneysey’s, The Inn Place and many more with live singers to backing tracks every night. You’ll also find live music in the La Vida.

    Dolphin Inn has family fun quizes each night.

    In the North of the resort you’ve got Legends and Catus Jacks with live music every night,
    In the Playa Bastian area there are also a couple of bars with live music including The Cavern.

    In the centre of town you will find a nightclub next to Nzaret Appartments and in SAXO’s you’ll find boom-boom music and flashing lights till the early hours. This is where most of the yougsters hang out.

    It’s not San Antonio or Aya Nappa but plenty of bars for you to visit. If you go to a different one every night there will still be more to visit next time you come to CT.

  9. Emzy_babez on Mar 05, 2012

    Thanks everyone!! Even more excited now. Sounds like a perfect place for a break! Xx

  10. Sue on Mar 05, 2012

    Make sure you go to see the Jagerbrothers while you’re there – the best live act on the island. They play in the Inn Place on Tuesdays and Fridays and in the Cavern on Saturdays – they may also play in the Lighthouse on a couple of nights. There’s also a new bar just opened called Weirdos and Fruitcakes in CC Calipso opposite Pueblo Marinero. It looks pretty lively and I believe it’s open til 4am with live music and a DJ. Lively Lady show bar is also in the same square. Don’t worry, you’ll have a fantastic time and if you fancy eating out one night there are some brilliant restaurants. Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Emzy_babez on Mar 06, 2012

    Deffinately plan on eating out some nights have already found a big list of places to eating off other peoples questions. 🙂 thank you x

  12. John Trengrove on Mar 06, 2012

    Just been looking at all the comments regards how quiet or lively CT is and lots of people saying how busy PDC is compared to CT but the one thing that as amazed me is the amount of bars that have been mentioned i counted 18 this seems an awfull lot for a small quiet resort with one staying open till 4am this seems more like pdc than some would admit to

  13. steve on Mar 07, 2012

    John, the fact that you have counted the number of bars mentioned on this site would suggest you have never been. If this is the case how can you comment on how small the resort is?

  14. David myers on Mar 07, 2012

    i dont know if John as been to CT but lots of people ask questions who have not been thats why they ask but i really can see his point most say it is very quiet but then all of a sudden everyone can name a bar a club thats open till late maybe its not that much different from pdc and i know from my visits all resorts have something for everyone and none of them deserve to be called. If a good deal comes along i would go to any resort

  15. dave love on Mar 07, 2012

    the main point to be made here is that Costa Teguise is a Family resort for young and old, it does not attract trouble makers that go on holiday to have a couple of shandys and want to fight everybody around. We have been going to CT for over 15 years now, and not once have i ever seen any trouble in any bars whatsoever. although as you mention there seerms to be lots of bars mentioned ( even though alot have shutdown due to the recession) the majority of these bars are only small and would hold a maximum of 50 people. The owners of these bars is there livelihood, and they do not need any trouble as they could have loose there licence. they are finding it hard enough as it is with the recession and the hotels that are offering all inclusive. So my last words are Costa Teguise is the most freindliest resort i have ever been too . i hope i win the lottery this week and i will be there living to get away from the uk

  16. steve on Mar 07, 2012

    Well said Dave Love.PDC and CT are like chalk and cheese. Opening times and number of bars has nothing to do with it. Its all down to the type of person that like to visit those places, regardless of their opening times. PDC has always been a younger persons resort – that does not mean its a bad place to go,it just depends on what you want from your holiday.

    Unfortunately, John made a statement and did not ask a question, possibly with no grounds for making that statement, as he may not have actually been there? I love CT,i live here and i would not swop it for PDC but that is my personal choice.

  17. sam hendrie on Mar 07, 2012

    going with wife and 4 year old daughter , any one tell me child friendly nightish bars

  18. dave love on Mar 08, 2012

    Sam , as i mentioned in my report above, we have been going to CT for 15 years now, and we have 6 daughters in the age range of 15 to 23 years. ( that is there ages now). so you can see we have been there when they have been babies and teenagers and now grown up, and we have never had any problems getting into bars, restaurants whatsoever. The bar owners wellcome you with open arms no matter what age you are, and they also adore children. You will find loads of bars without any problems at all. hope you have a great time

  19. David myers on Mar 12, 2012

    Your dead right in what your saying Dave but that applies to all of Lanzarote not just CT i have been holidaying in lanzarote for 20 yrs with my family when they were toddlers and now they are grown up and in all that time i have never seen any trouble in any resort, so just where you have seen these trouble makers you mention i am not sure but with you only mentioning CT is that where you have seen them, i feel its a family island not just one resort

    • dave love on Mar 12, 2012

      David. just a quick reply to your memo above, i have not mentioned at all in my memos, that i have seen any trouble in Lanzarote. in fact i have never even heard of any trouble in Lanzarote. i was just assuring pending holiday makers that CT is a SAFE PLACE TO GO TO

  20. David myers on Mar 12, 2012

    Dave you stated CT does not attract trouble makers that want to fight everybody which made it sound like other resorts do i personally find all the island very safe i feel you never made that point clear

  21. John Trengrove on Mar 12, 2012

    For all those users on here that maybe concerned, I can confirm that I have been lanzarote and costa teguise many many times before, just in case anyone was losing sleep over that point.

    The problem is with this website that there are too many people prepared to talk rubbish and generally just lie about various discussions.

    Also I find it sad that multiple users feel I would waste time on here talking about places I have never been to. I am on here to give people an insight into what to expect if they have never been and discuss recent visits etc… Much like other users on this site.